What is Sicilian Table Cheese?
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Russo's Mozzarella & Pasta Corp. in Park Slope (NYC) makes an awesome "Sicilian Table Cheese." It is a sheep's milk cheese, with the consistency of cheddar, and it is full of peppercorns. I can find no references to it on Google.

It is *amazing*. I'm wondering if they have invented it, or whether it has an Italian name that I don't know. Ideas?
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Response by poster: Ah yes! I think Pecorino is the word I'm missing. I believe it may be a fresh Pecorino Pepato (from Ragusa, as you said). Yay thanks!
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Best answer: It's "pecorino pepato" from Ragusa (dial: "Tumazzu di pecura ccu pipi").
There's countless variations of pecorino (literally, "sheep cheese") everywhere in central and southern Italy, sometimes with spices such as pepper, or red chili flakes, added. Best ones are, in my opinion, from Tuscany and Sardinia. Sardinian "Casu Marzu" (lit. "rotten cheese") made it to the infamous top 6 most terrifying foods in the world.
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I have a friend, an ecological anthropology master's student, who's been trying to get his hands on some Casu Marzu for a long time. Apparently, it's not so dangerous so long as you're very, very careful to chew every bite, as the maggots will only be able to eat the walls of your stomach if you accidentally swallow one of them whole.
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