AOL website compatability?
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AOL comapatibility filter...I have a client that uses AOL. He says that the site isn't working on his computer. I suspect it's an old junker, but is there anyway that I can check this? My google fu is not working today apparently.
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Please provide more info about what your site is supposed to do, and the experience that your client is having.
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Borrow his computer. Other than that I really don't know what you could do to be sure, particularly if you fear that it's a combination of weirdness particular to his computer. I do my best to try my websites on all browsers but AOL is a tricky one and the audience is so low that I don't generally get a chance to.
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Find out which version of AOL, and on which platform --

AOL 5+ for Windows uses the default browser installed on the machine, IE or NS. Previous to that it used an embedded version of IE4, I believe.

AOL 7+ for Mac does the same thing. AOL 6/Mac uses an embedded version of IE 4.5.

Last I heard they were working on a new engine for the OS X AOL client that used the Safari rendering engine, but I have no idea what the status is.
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