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What is the best software for creating crosswords, preferably ones that can be submitted to the New York Times, although I have no allusions here? Price and convenience, plus a good dictionary are concerns. It would also be great if this program is easily used by a ten year old. He is the driver, but I may want to use it myself a few times.
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When I wanted to make a crossword, I started with a blank grid so I could skip the "coming up with a grid" part of the project and so I could shove words in there by hand. To make the puzzle, I used this LaTeX package, but since the syntax was kind of verbose and I didn't feel like figuring out clue numbers by hand, I wrote a Ruby script to produce a marked-up LaTeX document from a plain-text grid and a list of clues. I suspect you are not looking for something this esoteric, but if you happen to be interested, shoot me an email and I'll send you the Ruby scripts and instructions.
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Crossword Compiler. Without a doubt. This piece of software revolutionized the crossword-creation game. Its dictionary, autofill, and word-finding capabilities are amazing for constructing any sort of word puzzle.
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A friend once got into crossword making and after trying a bunch of different software solutions wound up using graph paper.
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although I have no allusions here

I'm pretty sure you meant illusions. Which means that four across can't be "AGLOW".
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I don't mean to snark, just a gentle correction. This might help you in a future puzzle ...
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What they said. Make sure to have your homophones straight if you plan to submit crossword puzzles for publication.

But thanks for asking this question -- I was wondering the same thing recently.
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