Rock Band (PS2) practice mode
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Does the practice mode of the PS2 version of Rock Band offer the options to play through songs at a slower-than-normal speed, and to select difficult sections of songs to practice repeatedly?

I already know that the PS2 version has fewer features than the PS3/360 versions, but a robust practice mode is the feature I care about most.
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Best answer: I just purchased the bundle last week - the PS2 version has both those features.

I believe most of the missing features are related to online play or downloading new content, not the fundamentals of the game.

Have fun!
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Certainly too late by now, but I just wanted to add on to meowzilla's answer in case anyone else is wondering about this.

While the PS2 version does have both of these features, it doesn't have them to the same extent that GH does. In the practice mode there are only two speed options: 70% speed where you can play through a whole song or any part of the song, and full speed where you can only play whole songs. The lack of practicing sections at full speed is kind of a bummer (Green Grass and High Tides anyone?). This is the case for guitar at least, and I assume the others are similarly limited.

A quick look around seems to indicate that the PS3 and 360 versions do not have this problem, but I haven't actually played them so I'm not sure. It's kind of frustrating that they have unnecessarily cut things from the PS2 version (like this and the dynamic career mode).
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