How much to tip a delivery person?
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I have a television shipping from Amazon, by way of a company called Eagle USA. This is apparently a delivery service where they'll bring the television up to my apartment, plug it in, make sure it works, etc. I'm wondering is if a tip is customary for this type of service, and if so, how much (total/per person)? It's a 42" TV that weighs about 80 lbs, and I live on the 3rd floor of a walk-up building. Thanks!
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I had a similar delivery from Amazon - also a large TV - and they were in and out so quick, they vanished literally while I was digging in my pocket for my wallet.

I was going to tip them $10 apiece.
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I'd tip $10-20.
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if they do a good job, tip them.

hauling a big flat panel up 3 flights of stairs is not that much fun.
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crap - forgot to add, i had the same deal, 46'' tv delivered and setup, and tipped them $40 (though it was a $3k tv, and they did a perfect job)
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All right, great. I just didn't want to make sure tipping wouldn't be totally gauche. Thanks everyone!
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After that job? $10 and offer a glass of water or can of Coke or a beer. :)
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Delivery people never mind being tipped, and even if their employer doesn't permit it, they'll still cheerfully accept a tip.
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Watch Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven for how to do it. He tips everyone.
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