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I'm looking for an Eve-Online corporation to join, and I'm wondering if any Mefites might have suggestions of corporations that would be a good fit.

I'm a relatively casual player. I played for a month a few years ago, and am getting back into it now that there's a Mac client. I'm savvy about MMOs in general, but not looking to grind NPC rats all the time. I really enjoy the social side of player organized events, and I love the breadth of control players have over the economy, stations, long term conflicts, and manufacturing. I love to try different things. I've got about a million SP at this point, most of it in learning and spaceship command, with a smattering in the other skills I need to get things done. Historically I flew a Caracal, but I lost it a while ago and have been shifting gears to trading and manufacturing with a bit of mining, which seems to be a better fit with my play style. (I'm not averse to combat, just don't really have the SP to kill much more than 0.4/0.5 rats.)

Ultimately, access to 0.0 would be nice — but certainly not required. I'm nowhere near comfortable to venture out there just yet.

Really, I just want a community of people I can hang out with, depend on to group up for various kinds of operations, socialize with, and learn from. I'd like them to be laid back, nice, articulate and helpful people. Really, I want a community like Mefi in Eve.

Is anyone aware of a corp that would be a good fit? Is there a corp with a bunch of Mefi members I could link up with? Is anyone in a corp that's recruiting for people like me?


I've crawled the recruiting boards, but they seem too... formulaic. I don't really trust them to represent their own corps style accurately. Plus, I can't claim I'm going to be a super star member who organizes everything and has tons of money, which seems to be who they're looking for.
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See if a guy named Tallon Kurde is still in the game. He and I started a corp together about four years ago, and we parted ways when he chose a more conservative play style and I went out into 0.0 with ASCN... who got forcibly disassembled by a combination of GMs and BoB. I don't play any more. The corp's name was I think 'Axemaker, Inc."
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GoonSwarm are hypernerds, but one of the few somewhat friendly 0.0 corps - see if you can join one of their affiliate corps (i.e., not the core corps, GoonWaffe or GoonFleet).
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Best answer: I'm a member of Resource Relocation Unlimited (RRUNL) headquartered @ The Scope in Adacyne. We're small and virtually moribund due to most of our members having these weird obligations to something called "real life" (never heard of it, seems important to them). We're mostly a mining and manufacturing corp, though my toon is set up for mission-running and escort duty. I'd also love to join a MeFi-based EVE corp, especially one with 0.0 access and facilities.

My in-game name is Wolfe Lem. Send me an EVE mail, I'll send you some isk. I'm on pretty much every day for at least a few minutes, and I'd be happy to fly escort with you or run some level I or II missions.

I've got approx. 6 million SP and I fly Caldari (yes, I too rock the Caracal....until I can afford a Drake).

Fly safe!
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Best answer: I used to run with a fairly self sufficient corp, Exceed Inc. [IXC]....did the ASCN thing just like SpecialK, but now I hear they're doing very well in the Stain area. If you don't mind the drone regions, a lot of former ASCN guys moved up there and formed IVC, which then merged with IRON...I'd consider a few of the corps in that alliance, lots of great people.

Goonswarm is a fairly "interesting" alliance if you have the humor for them. They are essentially SomethingAwful members that decided to play a MMO (for their core corps, a SA forum registration is required). Hope that gives you an idea on the type of humor and off hand comments you can expect from their members. Since 0.0 has been polarized ever since BoB overextended itself, the southern part of 0.0 is probably the most hostile with large scale wars. The north and drone regions have been fairly quiet and stable for the most part (except for the Smash/Roadkill war a few months back). Good luck with you search!
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(oh and be sure to check out the recruiting forum on eve-o's site...and also stop by scrapheap-challenge which is a good community of players in itself)
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Even if your plans are for manufacturing and mining, you should take a PVP-BASIC class from PVP University, if only to learn how to defend yourself adequately... you're only truly safe in station, after all! It'll also prove that you don't need super-skillpoints to PVP (as long as you're with friends), and will give you a taste of 0.0. Classes are currently on hiatus for the holidays, but check the enrollment forum for updates.
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Samsara, I was Calvin Kazek when I played back with my corp in ASCN ... can't for the life of me remember what our corp name was, but we 'owned' 2-RSC7. I remember IXC guys well, 'cept y'all played at the other end from us.

The remnants of ASCN ended up merging with IRON, 'eh? Pardon me, but since I was in the IRON war ... that seems a bit ... ironic.
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