Good feminist blogs?
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Where are the feminist blogs that aren't superficial and/or tending towards ranty? I want more thoughtful analysis and intelligent discussion than you tend to find on feministing et al.
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I like Bitch Ph.D., especially the posts by M. LeBlanc.
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Seconding Bitch Ph.D. (lukemeister types faster than me).
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Although it mostly covers women's-health issues, I like Our Bodies Our Blog.
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Are you interested in personal feminism? Political? Domestic or international? Female or male authors? What is included in "feministing et al"? I'm guessing Pandagon and Feministe and I Blame the Patriarchy and Alas a Blog?
Things I read that might count:
Shakespeare's Sister
Creek Running North (Chris Clarke)
Faux Real Tho (founder of Feministe)

I think every site I've linked to has more thoughtful analysis and better discussion than most of the internet. And every one of them has blogrolls which will lead you to more of the same.
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While I get little out of the 'Feministing et al' corner of the blogosphere, my fiancée reads plenty of feminist blogs and sez:

* Second Chris Clarke.

* Shakes's Sis is a group blog and so at least offers multiple perspectives/voices (but she's not necessarily a fan);

* Of the 'mainstream' (i.e. predominantly white middle-class) feminist blogs, she's a Feministe regular;

* Brown Femi Power and The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum offer changes of tonal and topical pace from what you mention. The GF's comment: '...but they said "non-ranty," right?' BFP is nowhere near 'non-ranty' but anything that gets you out of the hipster-blogging vortex is good in limited quantities. (That's me, not the fiancée, who objects to my use of 'hipster' to dismiss to many bloggers. But she'd be a goddamn hipster too if she wasn't whatever it is that she is, so to hell with her.)

Ever read a 'Mommy Blog'? If you want to read about women's culture(s) in practice, the blogs of homeschooling moms are fascinating (and often fucked up).
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Seconding Bitch, PhD. And Majikthiese. Both are terrific blogs that do exactly what you want.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas! I am kind of astonished that there were 33 favorites to this post -- seems there's an audience out there for intelligent non-ranty feminist writing...
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Echidne of the Snakes is pretty great.
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Violet Socks is also great (if sporadic).

Theriomorph is a mix of poetry, dog pictures, essays and other things, but if you look at her post categories, she has some thoughtful posts relating to feminist issues.
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i second brownfemipower!
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