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Continuing the New Year's Eve trend: What can a single, 20-something female do in San Francisco on New Year's Eve?

I have only recently moved here to attend school and I'm not close enough with my classmates to go out with any of them. I want to start getting out and enjoying myself, maybe make some friends outside of school.

What can I do by myself on New Year's Eve to have fun in San Francisco or the Bay Area? I'm not a big drinker, so the bar and club scene is out.
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Walk out to the Golden Gate bridge. Time it so you get to the halfway point just as midnight rolls around. I bet you won't be alone!
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The Golden Gate Bridge pedestrian walkway is closed after 6pm. It's a nice idea though.
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It's open for bikes, though...
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Try walking to the top of Twin Peaks.
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bah, my brilliant idea foiled. My next vote is the Sutro Baths. But that may be a tough walk in the dark. Or you could just go to Ocean Beach; you might find a beach party in progress and if you walk right past it they might invite you to join (or you could just invite yourself).

Or... go up to Telegraph Hill. The tower is probably closed but there's still a great view, and it's a lovely walk.

Or...wander the streets aimlessly in one of the lively areas like the Mission or North Beach. Or Marina, if that's more to your tastes.

Or... give the bar scene another try, not as a place to drink but instead as a place to meet people. God knows where you could go on New Year's Eve, just walk until you hit a place. Find a seat at the bar and somebody will chat you up soon enough. You can drink cokes all night and nobody will know the difference. Just make sure you get jollier as the night goes on.

sigh... I miss San Francisco.
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Yeah, almost got arrested trying to walk across the bridge at night. Plus no taxis from the city would pick us up, so it ended up being a 4 hour, $65 fiasco.

I'd try hitting the streets around Mission or Haight. I imagine you'd meet some people pretty quick if you're friendly.
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If you're adventurous, the Cyclecide guys are having a free New Year's party at a junkyard in Bayshore.

Our very own Rick Abruzzo / MiltonRandKalman is doing a live broadcast show from Bottom of the Hill that night. Local band Scissors for Lefty will be playing along with Von Iva and The May Fire. $25

Me, I'm headed to a friend's apartment for dinner with friends who didn't go to LA for break. Then maybe a house party at another friend's place and later on, head to Ferry Building to watch the fireworks or walk around North Beach. You're welcome to join for any of it if the idea of meeting people from the Intarwebs doesn't weird you out. Email's in profile.
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Roller skate around the waterfronts and wharfs.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the tips everyone! I'll look into each option and decide tomorrow. (It's 2am and I'm too tired to think now!) The problem is, I'm kind of shy so I don't know if walking around and inviting myself to join a group will work. We'll see though! Who knows, new year, new me!

And thanks to the people who personally invited me out. I appreciate it!
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There's a social networking site, Bay Area Linkup that forms groups based around a particular activity (e.g., hiking, the symphony, comedy, etc.). There might still be some openings for Dec 31 events.
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