Seeing two weekends at once?
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Can I force iCal to display more than 7 days at once in its Week view? (Say, 9 or 10 days at once?) I'm not finding a definitive answer on the web, just other people wishing for the same thing (or suggestions of non-iCal programs, which I can't use). I'm running Tiger but would also be happy to hear if there are any differences here in Leopard.
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I don't believe so... the next step up is to go to month view...
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You can't, but iCal is scriptable, so you could write an Applescript to pull out the coming 10 days' appointments and list them.
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Especially in the Mac world, I've heard MANY times that something is impossible and then either googled or figured out a hack. I will guess that this is a relatively surface-level problem for which there very likely is a hack to found somewhere out there.

I'm assuming the 7-day max is purely arbitrary (since you can adjust for 6, 5, etc. days to be displayed at once) and there's no structural reason it can't be forced to 8+.
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find your iCal preferences file and sort through it, see if there's an xml-type setting for how many days to view at once.
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Wild_Eep, thank you -- am I looking in the wrong places? iCal seems to have only five preference files that just have to do with individual functions:


That's the list from my user's Library/Application Support/iCal/
(in my broader system Library/Application Support/ , there is no iCal directory)

I also looked inside the package contents of the iCal app itself. Where should I look next, or am I missing something in those places?
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