Thai Food on / around Sunset?
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Places to eat in Los Angeles, ArcLight edition.

Hey, I'm looking for any recommendations for, moderately-priced place to eat for lunch around the ArcLight in Los Angeles. In particular, I'm looking for suggestions for good Thai (I know Thai Town is nearby...) or Vietnamese places, but that's not a rigid requirement.

I'd be more than happy with any other recommendations. I'd like to get an idea of what are the good places around there.
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Not Thai food, but El Floridita is just a few blocks away at Fountain and Vine, and they serve excellent Cuban food.
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To my knowledge, that area right around the Arclight is a dead spot for good food- but I could be be wrong.

The best restaurant I can think of in that vicinity is Bossa Nova on Sunset, which is Brazilian. It's not super-cheap but not super expensive either, and they have a wide variety of stuff.

You're not too too far from Silverlake and Los Feliz, which offer a lot more good choices if you're willing to make the drive. Gingergrass is a Vietnamese place in Silverlake that I have not been to yet, but everyone raves about it. I can personally vouch for Rambutan Thai in Silverlake, and there's actually a Vietnamese place in the same shopping center.
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Providence is 8 blocks south of there. Far from cheap but totally worth it -- for my money, perhaps the best restaurant in Southern California.
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How does Providence compare to, say, Melisse, drpynchon? I was thinking about checking it out.
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Comparable I'd say. Both have fantastic tasting menus that I highly recommend. Providence leans more seafood whereas Melisse leans more French in broad terms (and my taste jibes better with the former). Neither will disappoint.
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I've never tried it, but the Arclight itself has a sit down restaurant....otherwise, its not a horrible drive up to Hollywood and Highland where there is cheap parking and a bunch of places.

We usually hit Norms on La Cienega on the way up to the Arclight :)
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Palm Thai Restaurant is a short drive away and features delicious Mee Krob, amazing curries and the Thai Elvis, which is its own entertainment unto itself.
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Add an "s" and you have the name Palms Thai, which is its real name. :)
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I don't know of any good Thai in walking distance of the Arclight, but if you don't mind a quick drive east on Hollywood towards Los Feliz, though, you'll hit an embarrassment of riches in Thai Town. Sanamluang, across the street from the legendary Jumbo's Clown Room, is my favorite -- cheap and delicious. Their spicy baby eggplant is awesome. (On preview: seconding the Palms Thai recommendation, too!)

As for places right around the Arclight, it is a bit of a dead zone for food, but the Arclight restaurant itself isn't bad at all for sandwiches or appetizers. The other two places in the immediate vicinity that I like are Bowery and Fabiolus Cafe, both just a couple of blocks east on Sunset. Bowery serves bistro/upscale bar fare, and Fabiolus is very tasty Italian. Bowery fills up very quickly for dinner (and unfortunately tends to be staffed by extraordinarily snotty hostesses and waitstaff, with the shining exception of my favorite waiter in L.A., a hilarious Cubs fan named Drew), though I don't know how busy it gets around lunch.
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Best Eats of Thai Town, from Gridskipper (with a convenient map).
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I second mynameisluka's suggestion of the Palms. You have to see Thai Elvis.
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Chan Darae a block away on Cahuenga used to be good. I haven't been there in a while, so feel free to let me know if the situation has changed.

Seconding Fabiolus Cafe on Sunset.

Finally, for the best in crackburgers and chili fries, you can't beat Molly's at Selma and Vine.
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the hungry cat is also less than a block away from the arclight, but may be higher-priced than you want (it's mostly seafood).
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Here's my picks: The Bowery, Cat and Fiddle, and (more of a sports bar with wings/burgers) Big Wangs
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Chan Darae is ok. I've eaten there recently for lunch and I wasn't impressed with the food for the price, but I don't claim to be an expert on Thai (I liked Kinaree Thai on La Brea between Santa Monica and Sunset better, but I haven't been there in a while).

Seconding Big Wangs and Bossa Nova. Los Balcones Del Peru, which is right around the corner from the Arclight at Vine and DeLongpre, is also awesome.
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I was in Big Wangs last week, they serve a LOT more football and beer than food. We've never been there before and my wife recoiled upon entering. A friend of mine was visiting from out of town and he picked the place. I had assumed it was a gay bar. It reminded me of Dublin's on Sunset only without boxing and zero charm. We did order food and it was decent, but I'm not going back unless my friend is there, they turn it into a gay bar/change the name and show soccer or boxing instead.

I've eaten at the restaurant in the Arclight lobby maybe 3 or 4 times and I just can't recommend it. Now we go to Sharky's before we go to Arclight. Everyone says Jitlada is the place for Thai at the moment. Rambutan Thai didn't blow me away, but I would eat there again. Gingergrass is mostly good although this is fairly far, no? I haven't had Bossa Nova in ages, but it was pretty good back then. I remember liking Fabiolus Cafe too.
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As scody suggested, Sanamluang (dubbed "The Best Noodles in Town" by LA Weekly) is quite good. Huge selection, quick service. Can be busy in the evening. Free valet parking in the evenings and it's open until late (3 a.m. or so). Unless you speak Thai, don't expect to be able to ask the wait staff for recommendations or clarifications.

The best reasonably priced Thai food in the greater LA area is at President Thai in Pasadena. The dining room is clean and nicely decorated, and the patio is lovely. And the food is sooo good. The massaman curry is amazing. Imagine if all the goodness and light in the universe was captured in a sauce. That's what it tastes like. Everything else is great there, too. The green tea fried ice cream is a nice way to finish your meal. Check it out when you get a chance.
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