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What are your favorite home improvement/design/decorating websites?

I just bought a new home, and I'm planning on redecorating (new paint, furniture, etc.) all of the rooms, as well as adding a new bathroom. I've exhausted the website, and I'm looking for sites relating to remodeling, decorating, room design, etc.

So, what are your favorites?
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I actually prefer paper to websites for this kind of thing. Better Homes and Gardens has been a very pleasant surprise. A subscription is really affordable and their ideas, layouts, etc., are extremely practical.
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I'm partial to Fine Living and Dwell for visual stimulation. Not much "how to" content; but the stuff that is there gives me some wonderful ideas. And following Sweetie Darling's lead: Architectural Digest and House Beautiful make me quite happy.
posted by gummi at 5:06 PM on December 30, 2007,, and sometimes has tours of her houses. I also picked up catalogs of Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn when we bought our new house, just for ideas, and then got similar mirrors, etc., at Lowe's or even Target.
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I have a house (a small house, but still) yet still get a lot of inspiration from
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Depending on your plans, you can gain a ton of insight from the forums at That Home Site. Best of luck in your new digs!
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From my point of view is an excellent resource. I especially like their section on storage. You might also want to follow the MAKE Blog. Sometimes they give very valuable information, e.g. plans on how to make a workbench.
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Seconding - I also enjoy (despite the poorly written entries) Ikea Hacker. Neither will provide you with exactly what you're looking for, but they certainly inspire.
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Fine Homebuilding. See also this similar AskMe thread.
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I second
posted by francesca too at 7:59 PM on December 30, 2007 is an aggregator site for people who are blogging their home improvement projects--tons of fun and instructive posts there along with a discussion forum. And it is the work of our own Jeanmari and hubby DIYer.
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me, too. I'm thinking of blogging the process of spiffing up the small house I'm buying.
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I love Design*Sponge!
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