What do to in Sedona on NYE?
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My wife and I are in Sedona, AZ for New Year's Eve. What should we do?

We're eating at Yavapai in a couple hours, but we've nothing special planned to ring in the new year...

Any Sedona MeFites know of anything?
Bonus Question: We love the red & green chilis? Any hot tips on where to eat breakfast/lunch?
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Sunset at Airport Mesa is out standing, down where you cross Oak Creek is a bunch of restaurants, there is a micro-brewery good beer and food, get the sampler.

My favorite drive in the whole world is 89 north of Sedona upto Flagstaff.

Go on a pink jeep tour.

Try a hot air balloon ride.

Get couples massages, check out the spa at the Hilton or

Breakfeast at L'Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek is awesone, get the French Toast.
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Response by poster: I'll have the french toast tomorrow. Thanks neilpede.
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I've never been there, but it rang a bell, and it's because there are some cool archaeological sites around there, such as Eden Pueblo.. More info here. (OK, so maybe it isn't everyone's idea of a rocking New Year's event to hang out with dead people, but it looks like that last link has a lot of other sections too on Sedona).
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The only place I go to with any regularity in Sedona is the Oak Creek Brewery (so, basically, I second neilpede).

The impression I've always had of Sedona is of a really sleepy little town, filled mostly with older people -- not exactly a place that I can imagine will be filled with partying on New Year's Eve.

However, if you're dying for some sort of excitement and have a car available, you could always drive down to Phoenix. It's only about a two hour drive.
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