Who wouldn't want a video game movie?
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I'll Query The Hive Mind For You Filter: late-eighties or early-nineties video game that involved a VHS tape and a light gun that may have resembled a rocket ship?

A friend asked me about a video game and I had no idea, so now I'm asking you.

He had, or thinks he had, a game that involved a Duck Hunt style light gun and a VHS tape. I don't know if this was attached to some sort of console, but he's had everything Nintendo since ever, so it could've been a "Plays on Nintendo!" independent add-on.

The way it worked was: you put in the tape and got your gun, which may have resembled the spaceship that all the characters lived on. There would be expository scenes, with really bad acting and worse special effects, and then you'd play a shoot-em-up sort of game that was laid over the movie. You couldn't really lose, because the movie would keep playing anyway, so whatever you shot in the game just got you points.

The only other bit of information I've got was that the people played chess on this spaceship, especially the captain and a girl. (I hope I'm remembering all of this correctly.)
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Captain Power!

"The first interactive toy and game for the series was a toy XT-7 jet with a video cassette. There were three tapes in all. "Future Force Training", "Bio Dread Strike Mission", and "Raid on Volcania". The tapes had openings and closings in live action with the cast of the television show. The actual mission itself was animated and took place in the jet cockpit from the pilot/player's point of view. Players would hold the toy jet and face the screen. The toy was actually a sort of light gun that responded to signals from the television playing the tape. The more you fired at appropriate targets on the screen, the more points the toy jet would rack up."
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Oh my god, I used to own this.

I seem to remember it would make REALLY loud popping noises if you failed. Or something.
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God I loved mine. I've still got it somewhere. Sometimes in the really hard part I'd cheat by covering up the receiver on the jet so I couldn't be hit. I'm a jerk like that though.
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Oh...and @ disillusioned, it would eject your pilot out of his seat after you got hit X times and sort of make an electronic dying sound.
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Digitize them!

(God I loved that show as a kid)
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i had the home version with the 'episodes' described at the bottom of that wikipedia page. as i recall, it never really worked and made a shitload of noise. hey, sounds like every toy i had in the 80s.
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Co-incidentally, yesterday I was thinking of a similar game which I had in the 80s. It consisted of a fairly large, angular infra-red gun and a VHS video tape displaying filmed scenes of real aerial shots over mountains, oceans and so on, over which the makers had overlayed crude CGI space invaders-style characters.

These characters somehow triggered the gun, so if you shot the characters you would win points, but occasionally they could shoot back (if I remember correctly) and reduce your points. There were no specific storylines or animated segments that I recall. Can anyone identify this game?
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