Which awul independant MMA event did I witness?
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I'm looking for info about an MMA event that aired on the HDNet channel within the past few months.

I can't remember much about the event that I saw, probably because it was on very late and I was just about falling asleep as I was watching it. Anyway, it was one of the worst MMA events I've ever seen. It was one of the smaller leagues, I'm pretty sure it was AFL (American Fight League), but it could have been something else.

I don't remember the names of either of the fighters I saw, but I do remember that when one of them went to enter the octagon, his wrists weren't taped. I then got to sit there for the next 5 or 6 minutes while the ref looked around for some tape to wrap the guy's wrists. Because that couldn't have been edited out for some reason. Also, the ref himself, there was something wrong with his jaw. It might have been wired shut because he was talking through his teeth and not moving it at all.

The fight itself was nothing special, other than the fact that the ref would stop the action to bring both fighters to their feet, despite the fact that one of them would be close to passing guard or working on a submission. Even the commentators started talking about this. As awful as this all was, I'd love to know which event I actually saw, if only so I can force a few of my friends to watch it too.
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I hazily remember the same thing. I also fell asleep while watching this. But the ref of this match was Jorge Gurgel who had his jaw wired shut following a fight on 7/7/07. His next fight was in October, so the event more than likely took place in July, August or September. However it looks like the American Fight League is a loose confederation of promoters with spotty record keeping. Maybe someone on the Sherdog.com forums can help pin it down?
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