What was my Toyota worth?
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How can I find the replacement value of a Canadian Toyota Echo? Mine's toast, and I don't want to get screwed by the insurance company.

My 2002 Echo hit a patch of ice and rolled into a ditch, wrecking the windshield and crunching doors and roof. I'm sure the insurance company will consider it totalled, but my experience with insurance companies is not nice, and I expect the worst. I've found a few American sites, but is there a Canadian resource somewhere that can give me a good idea of the actual worth of my car?
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autotrader.ca - find out first what it will cost you to replace it, not what they think its worth.
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The Canadian equivalent of the Blue Book is the Black Book, which you can access through any of the links on the page I linked to. You'll go through a captcha, but other than that, it should be straightforward...
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