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Anyone got a recipe for a dry seltzer, like these? Something that doesn't involve a syrupy or juicy base? Corollary question: Is it possible to make a potable seltzer using a tablet, rather than cartridge, technique? I'm thinking Alka-seltzer, without the Alka.

I make my own seltzer, and have been having fun making funkily-flavored syrups, I don't really want to be drinking that much sugar. How can I get fresh herbal flavors into the seltzer as an essence?
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Response by poster: Also any feedback on how to attemp such flavors as basil, rosemary, coriander and capsicum.
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I think this would be similar to making root beer. Brew the ingredients like tea, add sugar, and then carbonate it.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have been clearer - I'm wondering how to make flavor essences using nothing sweet. 100% dry.
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Best answer: To make flavor essences, you could either extract essences from plants or spices by yourself, using alcohol (such as everclear) as a solvent, or (perhaps more easily) buy food grade essential oils, and then dilute them and make them soluble in water with a surfactant such as arabic gum (always food grade). I remember the recipe for open cola had doses and hints for manipulating such oils.

As for the "solid" fizz, traditionally mixtures of tartaric acid and baking soda (which are the main components of baking powder) or citric acid and baking soda were added to cold water. Those are solid, not dangerous, white cristalline powders, which you could have premixed or mix yourself at the moment of preparing. Doses are easily calculated.

You won't get a drink as carbonated as with a CO2 cartridge, though.

(I also read somewhere a recipe to get carbonated water by using beer yeast and sugar, but... yuck.)
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Best answer: Fizzies.
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