Better than sex and $50?
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Got an Xmas gift from my mother in law... Tried searching Google for "better than sex and $50" A sad, messy search result... So what to does the Metafilter have to offer? FUN things to do with $50? (On the East Coast, or on the web, in the uSA?)

avoiding... 'practical' items like a power squid, charity donations, donations to microsoft...
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Buy expensive beer and then drink it with friends. Expensive beer is much more fun than expensive wine, and a lot cheaper. You can get 5 750ml bottles for $50. (Requires a good liquor store though. See for suggestions.)
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That's 5 rolls of quarters, man - do you have any idea how long that'd last you in the arcade?
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You might have to anty up a matching amount, or not, but some ideas are satellite radio for 6 months, a wine, beer, or tea of the month club, books at Amazon, Netflex, music, or cool things for 50 dollars. Or Ron Paul. (J/K!)
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but...better than sex? humm. Garrison Keillor said, "Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn." but I can't find any 'corn of the month' clubs.
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Best answer: you're 2/3 of the way to a fresh bottle of absinthe
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Response by poster: Hmmm... Now if I can just find my way to Spain... On my wavelength!
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I have heard that $50 is enough to candyflip with if you have the connects.
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Buy any three of these.

I can't guarantee it's better than sex, but at a total of over 200 hours of entertainment, it lasts longer.
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I have heard that $50 is enough to candyflip with if you have the connects.

It can also buy enough candy for you and a friend. Is better sex the same as better than sex?
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Best answer: Mmmm... Vietnamese Tonkinoise Soup.
Hot and delicious, with a little Siracha (look out! it is super hot!) or Hoisin sauce.

Huge soup: 6-7$.

Oh, and don't forget the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It is pure ambrosia.

1 serving: 2-3$.

Repeat 5 times over the winter to stay toasty warm and so happy... I know I am just thinking about it!
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A Hitachi Magic Wand, of course (with more than $10 to spare)

Isn't that sex? I guess you could argue it's sex plus $10.
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