I need chicken sausages.
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Help me find chicken sausages in the UK.

I used to buy Bilinski Chicken Sausages. I loved them because they tasted good but were also fairly healthy. I prefer them to regular pork sausages as I'm not a huge fan of pork. I'm trying to find sausages like these in the UK but am not having much luck. Organic would be preferable but not neccesary and I will probably have to order them online as there really isn't anything in my area. I'm hoping some of the UK Mefites may be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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Sally's Sizzlers sell two types of chicken sausage. I can't vouch for quality I'm afraid.

Jerk Chicken


Chicken and Tarragon


They're gluten free, if that matters.
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Joshua Hills in George Lane, South Woodford does a range of chicken sausages that you can buy online too.

I've tried all of their sausages over the years (bought from the shop) and they are excellent, very thick and meaty and best browned in a frying pan and then cooked in the oven to ensure they cook through properly. The chicken sausages do need sauce or gravy, as they can be a little dry, chicken having less fat than the traditional pork sausages.
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I'm not sure if you want chicken sausages because you like chicken or don't like pork. If it's the latter, one option is Quorn sausages. They also taste good, are healthy, and are for sale in most Sainburys (for around £3-4 if I remember correctly).
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Just over the water here in Ireland, chicken sausages are available in most of the larger supermarkets, which would include Tesco. I'm sure there are one or two Tescos in the UK too...
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Check out if there are any stores in your area that have a halal section, I often find chicken-burgers, chicken sossies etc there.
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Thanks everyone, I have looked in both the Tesco and Morrison's near my house but have never seen them (maybe not any demand in my area?), but I've never thought of looking in a halal section, so I'll give that a go.

I'll probably order sausages from both of the websites listed as they both look pretty good (especially the jerk ones!). And though I do eat the Quorn mince pretty regularly I've never tried the sausages so I'll pick those up as well next time I go shopping.

It will be quite a sausage-fest at my house for the next few weeks! Thank you!
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