Is this bit of jazz famous or just a movie score?
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Is this piece of music, used in the film 'Forget Paris', just incidental music or a well known piece of jazz? If it is well known, what is it? (starts around 2:53) [mild expletive warning for the clip] I bought the soundtrack, composed by Marc Shaiman, and it's not on there.
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Did you check IMDB? Soundtrack credits do not always equal CD soundtrack tracklists.
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Just seconding Mach5's commentary - everything that makes it into a 2 hour movie doesn't always make the CD, which is unfortunate but true. Some of my favorite bits of Howard Shore's LotR stuff is not on any of the CDs. *sigh*
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Sounds like incidental music to me -- as if it's part of the TV broadcast in the movie. Maybe it's supposed to sound like something that a certain broadcaster would use in this situation?
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My gut feeling is that it's Benny Goodman - it has that swing era sound to it and the lead instrument is a clarinet.
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I think it sounds more like the Ellington Band, but I think it's a modern recording, and I don't think it's anything in particular.
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It sounds kind of like a fast version of Straighten Up and Fly Right, but I think the beats are wrong.
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