So I got my R4, but now what?
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I just got an R4DS, but I am at a loss for what homebrew to look into. What should I be running on my R4?

I have seen many recommendations here on Mefi to get an R4DS. I have wanted one for a while, and thankfully I finally got one for Christmas. I just don't really know what homebrew projects are worth looking into.

I am well aware of clean rom dumps, I don't need information on any of those. What I am not aware of is great homebrew games, applications, and emulators which I can run on an R4. I can DLDI patch if necessary, thats not an issue.

I wasn't going to ask this question because I figured google-fu would be more than enough, but I have only really found 2 seemingly good games through that, dicewars and Geowars. What else do I need to have on my DS? What do you have on your R4? Are there any games I just can't pass up a chance at having? I have a 2gb card, so space is not an issue so any recommendations are great.
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The latest R4 firmware autopatches, so you don't need to bother with the whole DLDI stuff.
As for homebrew, they kinda suck. Some of the emulators are kinda cool, though.
Emulators on DS from
So yeah, I use mine to play backups.
Somewhat regularly updated homebrew site
Seems interesting
Could be another good source
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I haven't used many myself, but check out this compatibility list for Homebrew and the R4.
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What's a good way for an American to obtain an R4?
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drezdn, I've heard that they can be purchased online quite easily from game suppliers in Canada.
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I have contributed samples to the development of Protein:DScratch -- and it's the only piece of software that has kept me from selling my DS lite.
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drezdn: I just bought one from an Amazon reseller. No complaints.
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