Tuxedo t-shirt in Seattle?
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Where to buy a tuxedo t-shirt today in Seattle?

Looking for that classic cheesy black t-shirt with the tuxedo in white on the front. I've tried Atlas and Redlight, but no luck. I'm not from here, so I don't really know where else to look. thanx!
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You could try asking the folks at Archie MacPhee's. They aren't clothing centric, but they are cheese centric. I'd also try calling around to costume shops.
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It's worth a shot giving a call to Hot Topic and Champion's Party Supply.

NOTE: May lead to exposure to Hot Topic.
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I tried to find such a shirt fairly recently and Hot Topic was a wash (I do NOT live in Seattle). I have no idea if different stores carry slightly different merchandise. I couldnt find one anywhere and ended up ordering online, obviously not limited to a single days shopping.

Here's just one of many places that sell them online, in case you still want one and cant find it today.
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Try Display and Costume supply in North Seattle.
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The basement of Red Light on Capitol Hill is a good bet.
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Hot Topic had girls tees, but not guys.. Spencer's had them, but only in large and Redlight doesn't carry them anymore apparently. I'll try the display and costume shop, thanx! if not, I'll just order online and wear it some other time.
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