Alternatives for Nero Burning ROM?
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More burning, less fiddling: alternatives for Nero Burning ROM?

Holy cow this app has become nothing but bloatware. Upon starting the install for Nero8 the installer has the audacity to ask if I want to install the Ask Jeeves toolbar? WTF NERO? The custom install has me check-marking a dozen or more optional apps and features? Give me a break.

All I want to do is burn cds and dvds!

So, my question is: what are the good, honest, slim products out there which allow you to burn CDs and DVDs with no fuss and don't require hundreds of megabytes of storage to do it. I prefer GNU products, but have no problems about quality, no-nonsense commercial products either. What are the cool kids using*?

My environment is Windows XP and Server 2003. My burners are dual layer DVD-+RW*!@#@#litebrite-waka-waka models from Lite-On. Completely generic, middle of the road, fine working drives.

*Please don't tell me just to mount my images, I already do that for most things, but I live and work in an environment where I occasionally need to burn CD and DVD images.
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I heard about InfraRecorder and downloaded it, but haven't had the opportunity to test it.
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I used Imgburn for a while. I like Nero better though, much faster UI. Just don't install anything. It works really great. Imgburn is a little clumsy. Actually, a lot clumsy.
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DeepBurner is about as simple as it gets.
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I'm a big fan of burnatonce. It's painfully simple and easy to put together a data cd using an .iso file or just by selecting files, compiling an audio cd is really simple too.
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Another vote for CD Burner XP Pro
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I liked burnatonce a lot, but a while back the licensing on the DVD burning stuff changed, and since BAO hasn't been updated in well over a year, DVD burning now requires a lot of manual editing to set up (this is a one time thing, but still a huge headache).

CDburnerXP Pro is what I use now.
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Another vote for DeepBurner.
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Go back to Nero 6.
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personally, I go burnatonce for cd images, ONES for data/audio/DVDs/etc.

VideoHelp has a ranked listing of burning tools that I always find useful whenever I'm looking for new software.
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Seconding mphuie - go back to Nero 6, or 5.

There's a reason each newer version of Nero becomes more and more bloatware, and it isn't because they are improving the burning engine or fixing its long-standing problems (e.g. the bugs in dual-layer burning). It's because the basic engine is good enough, yet to continue surviving they need people to continually upgrade - hence, each year they release a bigger version number with more bloated shiny. Stick to the older versions; you get effectively the same burning engine without the added crap.

FWIW, I use an old version of Nero for day to day CD / DVD burning, and Imgburn for DL DVDs.

(Not saying the Nero engine is good - that way lies arguments. But it's certainly good enough, and the UI in earlier versions is such that it's not worth dicking around with the alternatives for a possibly mythical 1~2% improvement in burn quality.)
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