Help me find a cool looking jacket
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I want to find a cool winter jacket or coat - sorta like the Buzz Rickson "Pattern Recognition" jacket. Fashion details inside.

So, the winter is long in Chicago and I'm already sick of putting on the same coat all the time. I'd like to get a new winter coat, but I've got some particular fashion ideas that I'm not sure even exist:

1. The coat is black or gray and is made of a synthetic fiber, I think -- it looks slick and modern. Definitely no leather. Maybe wool or a wool blend.

2. The coat is not puffy, but is warm enough for the 10-30F range. Maybe thinsulate or something similar.

3. The coat is short or 3/4 length - not a topcoat or overcoat.

4. No logos.

5. This is where it gets difficult: the coat is OK for the office, but looks cooler than a standard office drone coat (I have that). Some of the stuff that Nau makes looks the part, but I'm not sure it's warm enough.

6. The thing that got me thinking about a new coat is the Buzz Rickson "Pattern Recognition" jacket that is based on a description in a William Gibson book (you'll have to Google because I can't form links without the button). But its a little too narrow and "skinheady" for me.

Any leads appreciated. Thanks.
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Other than the Buzz Rickson, I'd say just go for a surplus Navy peacoat. The things are damned warm and damned classy.
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The Buzz Rickson jacket (just as a reference).
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The Arcteryx Gothic Cardigan is my stealthy jacket of choice. It does have a subtle logo. With windstopper fleece lined wool, it's practical and warm. It's trim fitting and I've always felt a little special in it.
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maybe go to Barney's on oak st and check out some Theory or CoOp jackets? They walk a pretty nice line b/w warm, modern looking and vegan, and are generally inspired by masculine jackets of yesteryear. Price isn't too bad, especially what with the after christmas sales and whatnot.
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What's a good source for genuine peacoats in Chicago? I'm open to eBay, but how do I tell a real US Navy coat from an Old Navy coat?
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Check out an Army/Navy store - They should have peacoats, but you might take a look at an M65 Field Jacket - in black or gray it's 'different' - a lot of these stores will also have various topcoats, and other not necessarily military outerwear.
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metaldark - my navy friends tell me the standard issue peacoats these days aren't as high quality as the ones of yore, cheaper fabric and thin lining seem to be the major complaint. this comes from their transition from an actual practical winter item of wear to what it is today, an accessory to your dress uniform.

i'll note that in fact i have not WORN one of these general issues, so i can't tell you if these complaints are valid or are just general griping. i have a no-name peacoat i bought 6 or 7 years ago that i'm quite pleased with. i'd recommend shopping around and seeing what suits you.

for a specific recommendation, i wanted this spiewak mckenzie jacket awhile ago, but my local urban outfitters doesn't carry it and i'm too lazy to order and return if the size is off. pitty.
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Seconding the M65 jacket. I've got one I've worn into the ground and I'm planning to get another. Probably black this time. They're recognizable but you don't see many of them walking around. And if you don't treat it like I do mine (stuffing copious amounts of things in the pockets, running it through the washer with a load of towels, etc) it'll look sleek for years.
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The Filson Mackinaw is high quality.
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nthing the peacoat, but you might also want to check out a "weekender" style coat or jacket. I have a weekender I got dockside at a Greek merchant port. It has absolutely no logo or tags whatsoever. It is insanely warm, and has lasted me 11 years without losing so much as a button. It has enough inside pockets to accommodate a small smuggling operation, but not too many outside pockets, so it looks slim and a little classier going into work than OilPull's Mackinaw might. (They have weekender coats and jackets at that site as well).
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Navy peacoat. Mine -- an eBay acquisition -- gets approving comments.

how do I tell a real US Navy coat from an Old Navy coat?

The nondescript white label, possibly with 'DSCP'. And if it's used, the name of the sailor may be inside.

You can buy non-issue peacoats from at least one the contract manufacturers: Sterlingwear of Massachusetts does a six-button in 24oz wool (issue spec) and an eight-button in 32oz wool that's meant to be 'days of yore' spec.
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They also come in black.
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