Where can I find the best old books in Denver?
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Looking for good used bookstores in Denver....

The girlfriend and I will be making a round of the used bookstores in Denver on Saturday. Are there any bookstores or book sales not to be missed on that day?

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One of the best bookstores in the country is the Tattered Cover (http://www.tatteredcover.com). Primarily new books, but enormous selection, lots of offbeat titles. I think there is at least some used stock, as well, but I could be wrong. Have a drink after in the Cruise Room, the cool retro art deco bar at the oxford hotel, nearby.

Woops, just saw this, which indicates that the store may have gotten corporate:
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Fahrenheit at 52 Broadway near the Mayan Theater. It looks like the place across the street from DU has closed...the owner knew my grandfather, who ran the top bookstore in LA. Nthing Tattered Cover.
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I like A Bargain in Books close to Broadway and Hampden (actually a block west of Broadway and north of the King Soopers). It's not a flashy place; it's small-ish and cramped and absolutely packed with books and I never leave without at least one.
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