What shall we do before midnight?
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Last Minute Travel Plans: I'm seeking advice on what to do in New York City this new year's eve.

I've read past threads about what to do in NYC, both generally and on new year's eve. My best friend and I are going for 4 days, as a break from school...and Ontario. We have plans for what to do and see and eat while we're there, but so far the night of the 31st is still lacking anything concrete.

We were hoping we'd find a concert or show to attend, but nothing happening on the 31st caught our interest (we google'd for a few hours).

What we're looking for:

- a place to go in Manhattan
- something relatively inexpensive (we're students; the cheaper the better)
- something that isn't going to be rowdy or too crowded
- a crowd that is mixed in age (we're both 21, but we're not looking for a 21-year-old's party)

If it somehow incorporates music (indie, folk, jazz, alternative) that would be great. If it's just a good time, that'll do too.

Thanks for your help!
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I'll be doing this goofy 4-mile run in central park.
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I'm going to do that too!
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this place in brooklyn always has a great new year's eve party.
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Gogol Bordello is playing at 9 PM at Terminal 5 (somewhere in midtown, I think).

There's also a Guns 'n' Roses cover band, Mr. Brownstone, playing in Brooklyn, which sounds like it would be a blast (and probably cheaper).
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Response by poster: i thought about going to see Gogol Bordello, but it's pretty expensive.
i'm not a huge fan, so i decided not to bother with them.
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Best answer: Last NYE I was in Central Park with that special someone and a bottle of champagne. We saw fireworks and drank the champagne and the runners running by made it seem festive -- they were really excited to be out running in the cold. Somehow not knowing exactly when the new year rang in made the festive mood last longer. Definitely cheap, and could be combined with another activity before and/or after.
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Best answer: Earl Greyhound and The Big Sleep are playing at the Mercury Lounge. That might not score highly on the "not crowded" scale as the Merc can feel very crowded, and may be louder than the indie/folk/jazz music you're looking for.

At 55 Bar, they're having The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, which should be a fun show. Again, if it's crowded, 55 feels very crowded, but is a great jazz bar.
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