In search of a timeline of literary periods.
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I'm entering a Literature graduate program and I'd like to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of the British/American canon. I've been looking for a timeline of literary periods to assist me in identifying where my major gaps are. It would (ideally) have major authors and for bonus points, their major works. I've been googling for about 45 minutes now and I can't find anything substantive. I would pay a pretty decent premium to have it poster-sized to hang above my desk.

Something ready-made would be great - but if I can find a .pdf, I've got friends at Kinko's...
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I would expect your graduate program to have a study guide of sorts explaining what works/authors/topics are covered on their comprehensive exams; have you already checked for that?
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Maybe this will help. You can do a search by country between dates and it will give you a list of authors.
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Response by poster: Kimota: yes. However, the point of this isn't to bone up for the exams, it's to help me visualize/memorize and mentally orient the order of things in my brain.
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Response by poster: triggerfinger: thanks! Not exactly what I'm looking for, but I've bookmarked it as a great resource.
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Best answer: How about this?
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Response by poster: (Though I'm baffled that Joyce's Ulysses doesn't appear on that list...)
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Response by poster: slavin: Brilliant! Now if I can just find its British companion...
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Best answer: Here's another timeline, with major works listed.

Here's one for British Lit.

Here's one for American Lit (you have to pick a date).

Wikepedia also has good entries on American Lit and British Lit. You could probably compile all the info you need from these and make some of a homemade poster with a timeline.
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Best answer: Bloom's cranky old list of the "Western canon" might actually come in handy here - there's a UK / US section for each applicable time period.
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You might try searching for qualifying exam reading lists. Ones like this one aren't necessarily timelines, but you'll get a sense of what programs are expecting students to have read. Generally they're in chronological order in presentation.
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Best answer: There's a pretty decent one inside the back cover of each volume of the Norton Anthology of American Literature (7th Edition). It lists the authors lifespans along with a few major historical events. I would assume that the same is true for their anthology of British Literature. In fact, the chronological index (for British lit) and timeline (for American lit) might be helpful.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Between you all, that ought to about take care of it!
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