Why has Photoshop forsaken me?
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When i try to upload images I made in Photoshop to Blogger the colours get screwed up. It seems like all the yellow gets removed or something. Also, Photoshop won't let me save anything as a png. it just doesn't show up in the format box. Any ideas?
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XP/Vista or OS X?
Which version of Photoshop?
Have you installed updates?

What format are you saving the photos in before you upload them to Blogger?

Have you installed the PNG plugin or the SuperPNG Plugin?
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Usually in PS you need to "Save for Web" in order to get the png option.

Dunno about the other
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What format is the actual file you're uploading to Blogger?

Make sure you're working (and saving) in RGB format. Although this seems like a deeper problem than that.
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One of the few things I know about Photoshop is that it'll do four-color CMYK separations, for printing and publishing and whatnot. Have you tried converting your images to RGB?
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Best answer: convert to RGB--your colors won't get screwed up and you can save as PNG to your heart's content.
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Not only convert to CMYK, but make sure you don't have an outlying color profile selected-- find one that's simply 'RGB' or 'RGB-yourmonitor.'
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Response by poster: That fixed it. Thanks everyone.
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The color profile, if any, should be "sRGB" which is what web-browsers assume the image has. Don't use your monitor profile or anything else.

Windows browsers always ignore the profile (and assumes the image is sRGB), so if the image has e.g. "Adobe RGB", the browsers will display the image as darker. Mac browsers use the profile, so if the image looks very different on a mac than on a PC, it is the color profile which is the culprit.
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When using photoshop, it's best to use "Save for Web" when you're doing stuff that's going to go on the internet. As I understand it, if you just do a normal save as .jpg or .png, even if the image is already RGB, photoshop places a lot of extra data in there that increases the file size. Save for web usually makes much smaller files, and your Save for Web file will be converted to RGB.
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