Recommend a case for iPod Classic
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Can you recommend an iPod Classic case?

My 15GB iPod (the one with the buttons across the bottom of the [black & white] screen) died two weeks ago, so after waiting for the Gift Holiday to be done, I purchased a black 80GB iPod Classic. I want to delay the inevitable scratching that happens to iPods, but with so many to choose from, I need some guidance on which case I should go with.

Some criteria to help narrow things down:

* Allows me to place iPod in dock without removing case
* Is available in clear or black
* Does not have any bulky appendages (deal-breaker)
* A combo of case and static-cling screen protector is acceptable

I'm not a known gadget-dropper, so it doesn't need to protect fom shock.
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if you are not concerned about protecting from shock, might I recommend an InvisibleShield? I have this protective covering over all of my electronic gadgets - works fabulously. It is absolutely see-through but strong and scratch-proof. In the case that it does get dirty, it removes without any residue. I love it because it keeps me from adding bulk to my things.
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I'm a big fan of the Agent18 cases. Not only are they good-looking and durable, but their customer service impressed the heck out of me this year. A little piece of the included belt-clip popped off, so I sent them an e-mail. They replied quickly, sending me not only a new belt-clip, but a whole other new case.

If you get the kit, you get a case (that covers the screen), a metal belt-clip, plus a clear plastic prop-'em-up thing that lets your iPod stand like a picture frame. Makes watching videos very nice.

Now, I hook up my iPod by just plugging the cable into the base, not by using the dock. As such, the added modicum of bulk from the Agent18 case might prove a deal-breaker for you.
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I have the Contour Showcase for my iPod classic. I can't say as to whether or not it will fit in a dock (as I don't have one), but there is a fairly wide hole at the bottom of it for plugging in the cable, at least.

It is clear, with black edges, and is very sleek.

I am a gadget dropper, and so far have had no problems with it. (I had a Showcase for my previous iPod and it held up very well.)
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i like vajacases. on the expensive side, but i like them for day to day use. very well-made; i bought one a couple years ago and the stitching is still nice and tight. keeps the object feeling more like an accessory and less like a piece of electronics.
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I have bought both an agent18 (for my nano) and a Contour Showcase (for my wife's 80g classic), and I like them both. I tend to prefer the agent18 because it's a little lower-profile and not as "sticky" - the plastic around the edges of the Contour is a bit more rubberized than I would like, if that makes sense. The agent18 slips right into my pocket, while the Contour has to be maneuvered.

BTW, the Classic doesn't need to be docked - it can be plugged directly in, and both the Contour and the agent18 have wide enough openings to accommodate the plug while leaving the case on.
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I have the Contour case as well and can recommend it, but it violates the "Allows me to place iPod in dock without removing case" rule. I have two different docks (a Kensington for connecting to the stereo & a generic Taiwanese model for the PC) and it looks like it really isn't possible for a case that encloses the iPod to work with a dock- at least not without leaving the bottom 1/4" of the device open and unprotected. You might want to take a silicone case and chop off the bottom 1/4" so it will be dock-able.

I use a cheap, generic clear overlay on the iPod screen only as well as using the case when I go out. I don't think the Contour is all that bulky but if you're used to carrying your iPod around "naked" you might find it cumbersome. has good prices on the generic iPod accessories, but quality is sometimes suspect and they ship from Taiwan so expect it to take 2+ weeks.

On preview- I actually like the rubberized edges and the "grippiness" of the Contour case but YMMV.
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This is what I got for my Classic and it is great. I have never had a problem with it and it comes in different colors.
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Best. Skin. EVAR.
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Seconding the InvisibleShield. Have had one on my iPod for over a year and love it.
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I fretted about this same issue (I, too, have the 80GB Classic) and eventually went with OtterBox. Of course you may not need or want so much protection. I travel a lot and I'm clumsy and absent minded and prone to hang out in the wild, so this has worked wonderfully for me. You can probably knock $10 off the price if you eBay.
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In case you want something a bit more artistic, I'd definitely check out Foof. Their iPod and laptop cases/covers are amazing, beautiful, and very well-designed. Plus they come in a great variety for any taste.
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I actually just ordered a new one for my 80 gb classic today, from iSkin. I had a eVo3 for my old iPod video, but since that one suffered from a bad USB port, I traded it in...the eVo3 was great, and the new gen eVo4 looks to be a nice step up.

I realize the site doesn't make the best impression, as there's a coding bug on the iPod skins page, but I can say that I had no complaints about the quality of the first product I bought from them. The FAQ says that as long as you take out any inserts, the eVo4 will fit in the iPod universal dock. There's also a choice of colors.
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The eVo3 is super nice, I love mine. I was hesitant to spend that much on a case but I think it was worth it. Just don't plan to take your iPod out of it very often, it's kind of a hassle to get in and out.

Also, it looks like iPodLounge is still around from when I asked this before.
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I gotta back grabbingsand's Agent18 suggestion. The things are tough as hell. As I have stated before on other posts, I watched my 4 year old kid whip his hand me down iPod classic across the garage, it hit the wall and slapped down on the cement. I went over, picked it up and the thing was still playing the song he did not like.
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If you're still checking, this morning I picked up a case for $8.12 CDN at HMV. It isn't fancy, but it came in black, has access to all the important bits, and only has a tiny little appendage. I doubt it is as good as the Agent18 case, but it will do the job for me (I just don't want to scratch the thing up if it is in my pocket with something else, and I don't want to get fingerprints all over it). The wheel is covered, but usable. The manufacturer is Danvar Entertainment, and aside from that I know nothing about them. Their website doesn't even list the Classic cases, though, so I don't know how helpful they'll be. If you're looking something thin and cheap, it might be what you want; however, they might only distribute in Canada.
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I have a Vaja case for my 5th-generation iPod and I absolutely love it. I imagine you'd have a similar experience if you got one for your iPod classic.

Also, I don't know if this is just fear-mongering or not, but you're not supposed to charge an iPod in its case on account of overheating and other scary things, as I understand it.
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