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I found an rtf file in my documents folder in vista that contained instruction on how to get a free ipod by refering friends to a site. I have not downloaded this. Is my computer compromised? Should I do anything? Did it matter that i opened it in word?
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Could someone else, family member, friend, roommate etc have downloaded it? Even if not was an anti-virus/spyware/malware program active when you opened the file? Most such scanners specifically target Word with extra care and scan before file have been opened. If so you probably have little to be concerned about.

If you didn't have such a program running I would recommend running a full system scan for spyware and viruses.
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If you're ever unsure about a file, you can upload it to VirusTotal and it'll spin it through 15 or so antivirus apps.
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Ive seen "free" software installers do stuff like this before. I imagine this is part of a larger set of spyware issues. I'd install Windows Defender and do a full scan.

I dont think rtf is a carrier of viruses so I wouldnt worry about it too much.
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Is my computer compromised? Should I do anything? Did it matter that i opened it in word?

Maybe, yes, and maybe.

As mentioned above, you really need to scan your computer for spyware, adware, virii, et al. Searching Ask for recommendations for freeware for this purpose will yield a lot of software. Use it, and not just this once.
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for the love of god post the site! I want to win a free ipod!!

I bet it was just installed by some random program you installed previously. It wouldn't make much sense to infect your computer and then leave a random spam message.
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