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Can anyone recommend a good lunchtime or after work bar in the Austin, Texas area?

I am newly single again and I would like to use my lunch and after work hours to get back into circulation. If anyone could recommend a bar or place that the professional women go during their breaks or after work, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Don't really have any specific recommendations, but I'd check on a regular basis for postings on special events and any other meetups. Also, take a look at and read reviews for the type of bars/clubs you're interested in. I will say that if you're the scenester/hipster type, you might want to try Beauty Bar or Club DeVille. Otherwise, there are plenty of mainstream bars around.
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When I lived in Austin my coworkers loved The Ginger Man; I liked The Dog & Duck.
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If your down south, I enjoy magnolia cafe "mag mud is a really good app."
best sushi is "sushi Sake" in arboretum (north on 183)
If your vegetarian Mother's Cafe is perfect and desert is right across from it...
La Dolce Vita... good coffee and gelato.
hope this helps
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A friend of mine works at the Spider House Cafe.They have a full bar, and a great mix of characters on any given day.
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sorry i had food on my mind... try drought horse or above mentioned pubs. :)
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okay, metafilter's being wonky, it's not me i promise. Let me try that once more, Spider House Cafe
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well, i can't hyperlink for some bizarre reason. google it, also Hole in the Wall has great live music every week, pool tables, dart boards, large outdoor patio, and tv's tuned to the sports games.
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Near 45th and Medical is the Draught Haus. So so so many beers on tap, nice people, good after-work scene, and free pizza on Wednesdays (and free bratwurst on Saturdays!). They also brew their own beer, and have tremendous platters of nachos.

I love the Jackalope, but it might be a little dive-y for you.

Ginger Man is good, but their beers are overpriced.

Opal Divine's on 6th or the one on South Congress are good, but their beer's a little pricey, too. But they have very good food and a great great great whiskey/scotch/bourbon selection.

Little Woodrow's on 6th has a good mix of people, decent prices, and a Torchy's Tacos stand (except on Wednesday).

The Cedar Door has a professional sort of mix and FANTASTIC drinks (they claim to have invented the Mexican Martini, and theirs is good enough that I believe it). Downtown, too.

That's all I got for now. We like to drink!
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Response by poster: Awesome answers so far, guys. I live in South Austin but I'm not tethered to to it so any experience with the surrounding area including Round Rock is fine. I'm not looking for any particular age group, but late 20's and early 30's are fine.
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I'll second Spider House, that's fun. Also, fiercecupcake is right about everything, but with two asterisk: Ginger Man is a bit overpriced, but they have a big selection.
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