What Nintendo DS Lite cases are good?
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I really want a case for my DS Lite that can hold a few games and doesn't suck in some silly way. It doesn't need to hold the power adapter, as my main concern is portability. Being able to play the DS while inside the case is also not something I'm interested in at all. It doesn't even have to be a "real" case built for the DS—it could just be something that works well for the job. Do any MeFites have a case for your DS Lite that you're particularly fond of?

I searched the Green and only found this thread, which unfortunately wasn't useful. None of my friends were big fans of anything on the market, and I can't say I've seen anything that looks spectacular. But I'm hopeful!
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Response by poster: This case looks sturdy and meets interior space desires, but I'm hesitant to buy a hard-shell case like this one. It gives off a "bulky, heavy" vibe that the limited space in my messenger bag probably won't like.
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I have this case and it fits fine in my messenger bag.
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I've always been a big fan of WaterField Design's cases and bags (no personal connection with them, just like their stuff), so I was going to recommend a generic gear pouch from them, but I see they have a DS Lite Case that looks perfect for you. It's not too big, holds 6 games, and apparently can hold the power adapter if you need to bring it along for a larger trip. They also have great customer service in my past experiences with them. $39 is kind of pricy for a case though. If you wanted something cheaper, you could keep it in one of their gear pouches.
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A good friend of mine uses a fuzzy sock to store hers in. It looks sort of like one of these

Although, she has a flash card and therefore doesn't ever have to carry around more than one game.
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The case I use is one that Nintendo gave out at E3 in 2006...got it off eBay. It doesn't have a designated space for games, but I have a plastic case I got at Circuit City that holds 3 games at a time. There's a little zipper pouch on the back of the case, and the plastic holder fits in there, so that solves my needs. I don't know that you can still find that case anymore, but if you can, it's a winner.
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Don't buy the armor case or anything similar. I have one that has two plastic "buttons" that hold the ds in place in the bottom half, and now the top of my DS has scratches. Make sure you find something that has fabric on the inside.
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I got the WaterField case for Christmas, and I think it's great.
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I use an Otterbox 3000 for my Game Boy Advance - there may be one with dimensions more suited for the DS Lite. I had to pad it out with a little shipping foam, but otherwise it's great. Check their bargain (that's where I got mine for almost half price) - there'll be scuffed ones that will work perfectly fine.
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Damn, I just realized you didn't want a hardshell. Never mind.
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I have this case from Hori in both black and white...works great for me.

Tough enough on the outside (Cordura fabric) and soft on the inside, holds 3 cartridges (plus the one in the game), velcro and snap closure.

Two Thumbs Up.

This one looks pretty similar, but I don't have any direct experience with it.
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I have this ALS case. It holds about 6 games in a zipper pouch in the back. You don't have to remove it to play with the DS. It's soft but sturdy and compact.
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I have the Waterfield Designs DS Lite case that zachlipton linked to above, and I love it. It's extremely well-made, holds the DS snugly but not too tightly, and has pouches for games, an extra stylus, and any other little bits you'd like to carry along. It's the best-designed "gadget carrier" I've gotten for any of my various doodads.
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I made myself a zipper pouch like this and lined it with nice soft flannel. I have six games that I leave in with it. It's perfect for my needs (planes, bed, etc.).
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I use a Lancome cosmetics case similar to this one, which I got as a freebie with purchase. I keep games in a soft leather coin purse inside the bag.
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Response by poster: The WaterField DS Lite case is out, 'cause it's leather. (The use of leather has been deprecated, so to speak.) It does look really nice, though. Luckily, Zacho also linked to their general-purpose gear pouch, which looks like a good option. I like that taxi pattern.

The Hori pouch Exchequer mentioned looks really great, and I found another Hori pouch today that looks pretty sweet. It's a little more bag, so to speak, than the others, but it fastens onto a messenger bag strap, so the slight extra bulk may be irrelevant. Here are a couple of places that mention that one, for anyone interested:



It seems that where before my problem was finding one worth buying, now I have the dilemma of picking one out of a pool of great options. Filed under "problems you want to have". Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!
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If you stored your games on a microSD card in an R4, then you could buy the smallest case available (maybe just a silicone cover?) and be free to tote around the bare minimum mass/density necessary for gaming (with chassis protection) without resorting to hardware hacks. A 2 GB microSD card costs about $20 and holds ~30 DS games (assuming an average size of 60 MB each).
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Mass/volume. Dammit.
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I love the Waterfield Designs DS case.
DS Lite Case
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