Birthday Gift for Someone Turning 50
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What's a good gift for my wife? She's turning 50 next month and I better come up with something good. Ideas?
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I think you'd better give some more information about what she's interested in than "she's a woman about to turn 50, and married." What are her hobbies/ambitions/etc?
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yeah, we need to know more. turning 50 doesn't mean remotely the same thing to every woman, and women themselves, as i'm sure you know, are complex and very different. :)
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Is there any experience that she's always wanted to do, that she never did? My mom just turned 70 and said she always wanted to learn to fly, so I got her an introductory flight with an instructor as a gift. She thought it was really cool.
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Unless you cannot stand one another, often the best gift is uninterrupted time, perhaps a vacation. So much of day to day life is interrrupted. Mark some time as free and use that freedom. It's easy to arrange a mini-vacation on short notice by checking into a local hotel for a few days. Because it's local, you don't have the larger travel expense of tickets, and you can visit the places you never visit because you live wherever you live, the places tourists visit. Make a couple of days of it; eat well; make love; have fun.
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Pool boy? Gardener?

Seriously, though...turning 50 is an important milestone (for good or bad. depends on the person) Is she showing signs that turning 50 is worrisome to her? Is she a busy person?

A the time when my wife turned 50, our finances didn't allow splurging on an extravagant gift or trip. She decided a quiet evening at home with about 6 of our closest friends was what she wanted. The evening was a grand success.

Had our finances been healthier, I would have probably opted for sending her away to a weekend at a spa, where she could toil away the hours under the hands of a masseuse.
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I am reading an entertaining account of one woman's 50th birthday adventure
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because your wife is passing an age milestone, get her something that will make her feel more youthful...

i have a close female friend in her early 50s who tells me that whenever she goes past a car dealership, she can actually hear convertibles talking to her, and what they're saying is "take me home, take me home, you're a fun gal and we can have good times together zipping down the road with the wind blowing through your hair..." maybe start by looking at a porsche boxter and then the american brands on, where i check out the 4x4s that talk to me.
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My partner turns 50 next month, and is will receive (shh!) a gold ring (gold for 50th anniversaries) with his birthstone (garnet) set in it. I'm probably going to couple that with a nice dinner out and tickets to a show, if his health allows.
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Geritol and an AARP membership. ;) (well, only if she has quite a good sense of humor)

A rock. Isn't Amethyst the February stone?
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I got my mom (same age as your wife) a DS Lite for Christmas. She said that she loved feeling like a kid on Christmas morning with a great toy again, because once you turn 50 people only get you old lady gifts.
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I will be reading with great interest, as my beloved turns the same in a year. Suggestions so far are very good and safe. I think a good part of this is going to be budget driven. I like the idea of having several friends over for a dinner- perhaps even catered if you can spring for it. Gold ring is an excellent idea. Travel can be fun. Can you give us any insights into her personality?
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I vote for sexy lingerie, if that's what she's into. Now's a good time in her life for things to heat up in the bedroom (generally past the child rearing age, etc.) And you might want to signal your interest in this area.
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I agree with arabelladragon. I'm 50+ and the last thing I want is "a nice plant", or some "nice bubble bath". Bring on the toys. A one-hitter, or a shit load of Sharpies. Jewelry, no.
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an iPod?
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One should never give a woman anything that she can't wear in the evening (Oscar Wilde).
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