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Recommendations of shows in Las Vegas, for two people in mid-20s. Looking for a few to see and for advice on how to get tickets for cheap if possible. Thanks!

Hello. I've looked through the many past threads on vegas travel but my question is specifically about shows... We are two friends (female and male) looking for magic shows, comedy shows and also some kind of an adult/topless show to see while we're there in January. I'd love to hear your experiences (good or bad) about these shows. What I want to know:

1) Was it good? Why?
2) Do I need to get tickets at least a week in advance?
3) Were you able to get them at a discount? How?

Also I don't need to hear more about Cirque du Soleil as I have read the heaps of praises in older threads and have had personal recommendations from other people already :)
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You say you don't want to hear more about Cirque, but I want to make sure you have heard about Ka. That is a Cirque presentation but many people don't know that. I have seen just about all of the big acts in Vegas and that was, by far, my favorite.

The other one I really like is Blue Men Group. Also look into the Sunday Brunch at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. The singing was a bit too preachy for me but the performace was incredible. And the food, WOW!

Hope that helps.
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Mac King, if he's still out there. Comedy/magic.
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Response by poster: Oh and I hope I'm not coming off as rude with what I said about Cirque. I am interested in comments about that too, but just saving anyone from re-writing what they have written in older threads. Thanks so far!
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I don't have advice on free tickets, but I can vouch for a few of my favourites:

Love at The Mirage is awesome, but since it's Beatles-themed, it might not be for everyone. I'd say potential enjoyment is proportional to your existing appreciation for The Beatles, but I know 8 twenty-somethings who have seen it and loved it, so it's a very safe bet if you're a fan.

Penn & Teller's show at The Rio is really great. It's got exciting illusions and real head-scratcher moments, and the presentation is very hip and wry and playful. I dragged my fiance and another friend who had barely heard of the duo to the show, and they both really enjoyed it. If you opt for this show, be sure to arrive a bit early. If the format hasn't changed, you can walk on stage before the act begins and check out some props. It adds to your astonishment later.
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To get cheap tickets find someone with a local driver's license. We had a friend who got us into a Neil Diamond impersonator for $15 a ticket instead of $40 because almost all of them offer a local discount.

My wife and I saw Skintight which is a fairly tame adult/topless show with a comedy show in the middle. It was amusing and nothing too wild.
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I'll second Penn & Teller...also if you arrive early you can see Penn playing Bass...and then after you can get your pictures taken with the guys as they hang out in the lobby signing autos and posing for pics...and the show rocks!

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Tony and Tina's Wedding at the Rio..............5 starss really good
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Penn & Teller. One of the most extraordinary shows out there, with edge and intelligence, and none of the cheesy crap that one generally thinks of when one thinks of magic. And it's one of the cheapest shows on the strip.
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I've seen The Amazing Jonathan twice. Both shows were nearly identical, and I laughed my ass off both times. He's sort of a psychotic comedian/magician. Not everyone's cup of tea perhaps.
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