Help me hang particle board?
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I have a piece of local, home-grown artwork done on a length of scrap shelving -- particle board with a laminate. I'm unsure how to hang it without damaging it.

There are two eye hooks screwed into the edge on the top. The piece is about 20x14 and is somewhat heavy since it is on 5/8 particle board. I'm worried that if I hang it from those eye hooks eventually they might pull out taking chunks with them. What's the best way to hang this without damaging it and how can I ensure it will be strong enough to hold it securely?

P.S. I totally did not notice what this was painted on until after we purchased it -- I assumed it was canvas. Anyway, it's not as junky looking as it sounds, just odd. I actually kind of love that this guy just grabs random crap and paints on it and it looks so good.
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Perhaps you could attach some hangers similar to the ones seen in the upper right side of this image to the back of the plank.

This would help to distribute the weight a little more evenly.

I'm not sure that I'd be all that worried about using the hooks that are already installed. As long as the threaded portion goes into the piece reasonably far (I'd say minimum 3/4"), it should hold up just fine.
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If you're worried about the eye-hooks eventually pulling out, one alternative might be putting a narrow sconce-type shelf on the wall, like this one, and then just sit your new art on that.
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I think you probably want a museum rail. Scroll down a little to see the picture, but it's basically a 2"x3/4" piece of wood you rip at an angle, then attach one side to the wall, the other to the piece of art.
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Screws don’t hold well in the end-grain of natural wood. They do much better in cross-grain applications. With particle board you’re rolling the dice on the edge of the board. One place might hold great and the next place might be worthless.

I would put the screw eyes in from the back and stretch a wire across them and hang it from that.
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Large blobs of epoxy on the back, attaching loops of cord, have been the best way I've found to hang similar art. Large and well-spread, so the tension on the board itself is spread over a good-sized area. I put small loops in the epoxy, and have normal wire or string tied to those going to the hook in the wall.

The museum rail or the sconce sound good though, if they fit your wall.
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Some good ideas here that I had not thought of -- thanks!
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