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stupid google calendar question: why won't event times display when importing a csv file?

i'm trying to import a csv file of a class schedule into google calendar- everything is ending up on the right day but is not put into a specific time slot. the csv file has the times, but they're not showing up. please help?
(please keep in mind while answering: i know nothing about computers and operate my macbook by banging on it with my non-opposable thumbs)
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I don't use Google Calendar, but do you have the right header information?
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In case you're not familiar with what the hell a field header is, I'll break it down for you a little more.

If the csv file looks like this:
Dinner with John, February 6, 8:30 pm
Meeting with Jane, January 23, 12:45 pm
Shopping with Mom, January 4, 9:15 am
Then the very first line of your file (the field headers) should read:
Subject, Start Date, Start Time
My guess is that your file does not have the field header "start time" - either at all, or in the appropriate place. If that's not the problem, post again and hopefully we'll be able to figure it out from there.
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