Looking for hippie stores in WV.
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I need help finishing my Christmas list. Looking for stores in Charleston, WV.

I've waited too long to do some of my Christmas shopping. I'm looking for a shop that sells those big, colorful, handmade, wool sweaters. Often times they are made in Ecuador or other South American countries. Sometimes they are in fair trade shops (couldn't find any in WV via google) and sometimes they are sold in what can best be described as a 'hippie store.' Posters, tapestries, patchwork skirts, silver jewelry, etc.

Any tips are appreciated.
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i believe you are looking for what's called an "import store."
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i used to live in charleston. there aren't really any import stores around. you might be able to find one in budget tapes and records - it's in kanawha city on mccorkle avenue. they sell some hippie-type things. also, you can venture down to huntington to a hippie store called scent from heaven (45 minutes on I-64 W, take exit 11 for hal greer boulevard, keep straight until you hit 3rd Avenue, it's on the corner on top of a coffee shop called the java joint across the street from marshall university) but i would call before you leave to make sure there's someone there because they keep odd hours if i can remember correctly. i don't know if they've changed that since i was in college.

good luck!
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