Differing laptop power leads
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I have a laptop with a completely discharged battery, but no power lead. I do have a power lead from my other laptop, but the outputs differ slightly...

The laptop power lead I have says its output is 20 volts, 3.25 amps.

The laptop I want to plug it into says it needs 19 volts, and 3.16 amps.

Will it work? Is it worth it?
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That's a damn close match. If it physically fits I'd certainly give it a go.
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Shouldn't be a problem.
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Provided they're either both AC or both DC, yeah.

(Thought I'd better mention that because 19v AC is a common rating for plugpacks, whilst 20v is common for DC plugpacks).
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Last Thursday.
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Just to be sure, if its DC you need to check that the polarity is the same. i.e, positive and negative are on the same conductors, the inner pin and outer ring if its that sort of standard connector. The plug packs often have a diagram.

I'm a bit out of touch so maybe there's a standard now that is never deviated from and hopefully your laptop has some diode protection that would save it but it would be an expensive puff of smoke if it was wrong.
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Also there might be a pin diagram on the laptop right next to where you plug it in.

Negative is usually on the outside/ring and positive on the pin. I vaguely recall that the Japanese do that in reverse. Vaguely.

I agree that those voltage and current numbers are close enough.

As long as the connection on the laptop is a simple pin-ring connector, you should be fine. The pin and ring might be slightly different sizes, and so you might not be able to even push the plug in, or you can push it in but it's loose. If it's loose, try pulling it to the side a bit.
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