Looking for a certain book about a mole
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Childrens' book filter: I'm looking for a story about a mole, in which he tries to escape from a digging machine.

Like many people, I'm trying to trace the books that I liked as a child. Problem is, many were translated into Afrikaans, so googling the titles rarely works. (And others I can't even remember the titles.)

This book was called "Skopman die mol", and the part I remember is where the mole digs frantically to escape the claw of the earthmover, but is scooped up anyway. But it turns out he was being rescued rather than trapped, I think, and the earthmover releases him again.
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Best answer: Mister Mole by Luis Murschetz?
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Response by poster: Could be! Searching the web, all info I could find was the description: "When Mister Mole's home is destroyed by men with steam shovels he must search for another meadow to live in." That certainly sounds familiar, although I've not found a single picture of it.

Thanks very much!
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Response by poster: Ah, here's the original in German, which confirms it's the one I was looking for. Thanks again!

(What is it with the Germans and moles?)
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