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I have an abundance of time this holiday week, and I finally got around to watching that Japanese t-shirt folding tutorial video and learning how to do it. I wonder, what other quick, easy, and cool time-saving tricks can I learn this week?
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Maybe a windsor knot?
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Lifehacker DIY
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Tie your shoelaces the right way.
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Sprint's Waitless.org I found to be kind of neat.
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I can't find anything on the net about this, but I've made a habit out of tying my earbud-style headphones in an electrician's braid. It completely prevents tangling, can be untied instantly, and if you get good at tying the knot it only takes a few seconds. And it's fun.

Maybe I ought to post a YouTube video :P
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Thanks for the Waitless.org link. Fun stuff! The earbud wrapping method shown there is now my new way of storing and pocketing my iPod. Old way: roll into a ball.
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qxntpqbbbqxl: Please do posts YouTube, because you lost me...
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holy crap, waitless.org is awesome! i want to go hard boil some eggs right now, while stripping off my shirt and soothing a crying baby!
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Tie your shoelaces the right way.

Or lace them awesome!
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Videojug has some cool educational videos.
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Rabarberofficer, the electrician's braid looks like a crochet chain, as far as I can tell. If you know someone who crochets, ask them to show you "finger crochet" where you make the chain with your fingers rather than a hook. My brother-in-law stores his extension cords that way.

I think learning to tie a bunch of useful knots would be really awesome. If you have access to a sewing machine, learn how to do some simple repairs like sewing on a button or fixing a hem (you can do these by hand too) - it's way faster to sew on a button yourself than take it to a dry cleaner for fixing.
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