Recommended service for DVD/GameCube disk repair?
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Can anyone recommend a good mail-in service that will repair/resurface DVDs or Game Cube disks?

Over the past couple of years MeFi has helped me choose a system, find good titles for my daughter, and get my kids to dance. Now as I am cleaning up stuff around the house I find that I have 16 or so Nintendo GameCube disks that no longer work. I have tried the home fix-it systems, and tried toothpaste, and Pledge, and Brasso. No such luck.

I have looked online and found some places that will resurface for a reasonable price ($4-6/disk), but it is hard to tell if it is just a guy in a garage who will run it through his home fix it system, or his toothbrush, dustmop, or Brasso applicator thing.

Can anyone recommend a service that they had good experience with? Thanks much!
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You haven't tried the most obvious (and best working) remedy yet. Car polishing compound. Works brilliantly for just such a task.

Failing that, find a local CD/DVD/Video Game used/exchange store. They almost always have a buffing wheel in the back to polish out the scratches. They also use (surprise!) polishing compound.
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If you can't find a remedy for the games, you might be able to find some of them pretty cheap used.
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Take it to your local gamers, gamestop, non big name chain store. and they will most likely have a tool to help polish them.
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Game Crazy does this at their stores. You may want to call first to verify.
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See if you can pick any of them up for cheap on ebay.
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Digital Innovations is the company that makes a product called SkipDr. I've had one of these things since the late 90's, before they were sold in stores. I have been able to repair discs otherwise thought to be scrap. A GameCube game should resurface similar to a CD/DVD, since it's just a small disc in a similar material, but I'd check with them first. It's definitely a good investment.

The SkipDr, GameDr, dvdDr, are all the same product just with different marketing scopes.
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OK, here is my followup. Having tried a bunch of home remedies I found the local Game Crazy shop (half of a Hollywood video store, less than a mile from where I work but I have never been there). The guy there took the 10 Game Cube disks (which had been cured by neither Pledge nor Brasso) and did his thing to them while I got a haircut. Final result: my kids were able to play 5 of the 10 disks that I was about to toss out. The cost is $2 per disk, but he sold me two $5 disk service cards (good for 5 disks each) so it worked out to $1 per disk.

I am marking MegoSteve as a best answer because already trying GameDr and all of the MacGyver home chemical remedies, getting it done by a teenager who does this a lot is worth the $1 roll of the dice. Thanks everyone. The five games my kids have been playing all night were headed for the trash before I remembered that I never make a game console decision without consulting The Green.
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