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Where can I get great glasses frames in LA?

I’m looking for a kick-ass pair of men's frames… maybe even a nice 50’s vintage pair. Something nice and chunky. Anyone have a favorite spot in LA?
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My boss mentioned a place on Melrose where he got some 50's vintage frames (American Optical Company?) from the owner's private collection. I'll be damned if I remember the name of the firm, but I think it was a red-white-and-black shop somewhere between Fairfax and La Brea, closer to Fairfax.
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Old Focals in Pasadena has mainly vintage frames. Happy Eyes in Glendale also has a small selection of vintage, as well as probably the best prices for lenses.
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Best answer: For vintage, Allyn Scura has an amazing selection. They don't have a retail store, but you can often find them at flea markets around LA. Here's their schedule for 2008.
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LA Eyeworks.
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Infinitewindow, was it Positive Eye Ons? We've bought several pairs of great frames there, and they are very friendly. It's on Melrose between Fairfax and LaBrea.
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Best answer: faustessa, Positive Eye Ons sounds awfully familiar... but I can't be 100% sure until Monday.

Seriously, dentata, there are a lot of hip optical shops on Melrose—Positive, LA Eyeworks, Dita, Optical of Aspen... one of them will have what you want.
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Response by poster: Positive Eye Ons is my optometrist! How funny. They have nice frames, though none of them vintage, but I can't recommend them enough for eye exams. They are incredibly nice, very thorough, and very thoughtful.

They even feed your meter for you if you forget. How's THAT for customer service.
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Not for vintage, but I like LA Optometrique. I think there's one in Silverlake, one in West Hollywood, and one in the valley somewhere.
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Panda, that's where I got my Silhouettes and my backup pair, and I love them so much.

Their Valley office is on Ventura at Hazeltine.
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Got an appointment at Positive Eye Ons - thanks for the recommendation!
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Response by poster: Just as a follow-up.. I ended up getting some really beautiful but horribly overpriced glasses from RetroSpecs, and the experience was awful. It took nearly two months to get both frames. I wouldn't recommend it.
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