1963 was a good year for pennies
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Why do 1960s pennies look different?

I have noticed that that a lot of 1960s U.S. pennies (one-cent coins) look significantly different from other years.

For example, this 1963 penny on my desk has a shinier surface and a slightly more orange tint than all of the others. It also seems rounded away from the edge on the "heads" side, and a more rounded profile of Lincoln that also protrudes further.

All I could find online was that pennies were bronze until 1962, and then brass from 1962-1982. However, the 1970s and early 1980s pennies I have look nothing like this. I also remember seeing a 1968 penny that did look this way.

Was there something special about the minting process in the 1960s?
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This question isn't what I thought it was about, based on the typo in the first line.

But I think this is what you're looking for: USA Today History of the Metal Composition of the Penny
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Response by poster: Ouch, that's embarrassing!

nkknkk: That article provides the same information as the Wikipedia article I looked at, i.e. putting everything from 1962-1982 into one category.
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Yeah, there's the information age for you: cribbing and robbing.
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The orange tint has to do with the oxidation - they're pinkish when new, turn a bit orange, then brown as they oxidize. The outer surface has always been copper, so the outer surface on a mint condition penny stored in an airtight plastic case should look the same color from 1900 to 2100.
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The outer surface has always been copper

well... except for those zinc war time pennies. ;D
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I clicked on thread hoping to find a link to 1960 different penises.

Perhaps you have come in contact with several 1960s pennies that haven't circulated much, which has left them shinier. You have probably seen a lot more pennies from the 1960s that look like average pennies, but you just didn't notice them.
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Yeah I did the same thing - 1960 penises - was VERY curious!
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except for those zinc war time pennies

They were steel, not zinc, and it was 1943. Modern pennies are a copper-plated zinc core.
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