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Another Christmas song question ... this one very vague.

Calling all Christmas song experts -- I think I am going insane. I heard a Christmas song in a shop, remembered thinking, "Oh yeah, I actually like this one." Completely forgot all details except that it sounded a little like the Kinks, and I figured I could Google it when I got home. Except it's not the Kinks that I can tell (it's not "Father Christmas").

-- It was a guy singing, or a few guys.
-- It sounded a bit like the Kinks -- kind of a rock song.
-- I don't think it was a remake of a traditional Christmas song.
-- It wasn't a wacky subversive song, something that would freak out or offend the old folks shopping.
-- I think I'd heard it before a long time ago, so probably not something super new.

Suggestions? I realize this is crazy ... but I have searched for hours and can't find it. I might go back to the shop and let them see how crazy I am by asking to see their CDs.
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Call the shop and ask.
posted by box at 9:07 AM on December 21, 2007

I think the criteria you gave us is too vague. Your criteria essentially only narrow things down to original Christmas songs sung by male pop/rock vocalists who are not brand new on the scene. That's far too large a category of songs for people to be able to assist you with.
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I'm going to go down there if no-one magically has the answer here. I don't think I can get them to read all their playlists to me over the phone, though ... I feel silly enough getting ideas here.
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I very much doubt it is, but it's not the Royal Guardsmen's "Snoopy's Christmas," I assume.
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All right, box shamed me into it ... it was something on "satellite radio." Dammit.
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No, but thanks anyway, WCityMike -- that is a great song. This song wasn't a novelty song -- just a sort of regular rockin' holiday tune. I know it's vague -- hence my mentioning that. I just figured I'd throw it out there in case it rang a bell (heh) for someone.
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If it was something on satellite radio, look for the channel's webpage and see if they have a playlist/track history going . What XM or Sirius satellite channel was it?
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I was afraid that it'd be satellite radio, but it still seemed silly to not make sure. And it sounds like Mike has the satellite-radio follow-up questions covered, so:

What else do you remember about the song? Lyrics, even a snippet, would be great, but even a detail about the instrumentation, or a doo-dee-doo-dee-doo version of the tune, could be helpful.
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The Kinks - Father Christmas

Although the old folks would be really shocked if they played Big D & The Kids Table - A Wicked Hardcore Christmas.
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"Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You" by Billy Squier, perhaps?
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Oh, you said it's not that.
No idea then.
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I was thinking the Billy Squier song as well.

Go to Amazon and check out the song samples for all the "Very Special Christmas" albums.
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Can you remember a single lyric? That would greatly help narrow it down.
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Pretty vague description, but I'll guess "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney.
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Still trying to recollect lyrics ... argh! I am watching the "now playing" lists for XM radio holiday channels in case it comes up again. That Billy Squier song is a great flashback -- I am in love with his hair and might have to buy my husband a Members Only jacket now.

Thanks, you guys ...
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I'm thinking that you'd recognize Freddie Mercury's voice, but just in case you didn't, have a listen to Queen's Thank God It's Christmas and see if that's the song in question.
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Maybe what you're looking for, maybe not...I'm quite fond of the Eagles' "Please Come Home for Christmas."
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U2's version of Baby Please Come Home?
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I have a strong guess that you may have heard "Better Things," by the Kinks. It's not exactly a Christmas song, but it sounds Christmasy, and fits the New Year idea, and is often played extra often this time of year on classic rock radio. Came out in 1981 on "Give the People What They Want."
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Might it be the Father Christmas song by Emerson, Lake and Palmer? It's not the "Father Christmas, give me some money!" song, it's the "I believe in Father Christmas" song.
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Song it possibly could be based on your description
Slade "Merry Christmas Everybody" It's a little more glammy than the Kinks, but I'm going on the whole British rock sound.

Here are suggestions that almost surely is not but I'm going to mention anyway just in case because they are rock Christmas songs from the 60s-80s plus I like them-
Beach Boys' "Little St. Nick."
Elton John "Step Into Christmas"
Hall & Oates "Jingle Bell Rock"
Big Star "Jesus Christ"
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It is something kind of like the Slade and Wizzard songs, I think, because when I was listening to everything I could find on Amazon, bless its little heart, I listened to them twice to make sure. (Should that Wizzard YouTube link come with some kind of advance warning on the visuals? Wow! -- although thanks, those are really good suggestions.)

I really wanted it to be that other Kinks song, Miko! It seemed like the right thing in your answer, but didn't sound familiar. However, I love it and have put it in my iTunes -- so thanks.

I signed up for an XM radio trial, so maybe I'll hear it again?
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A few more mebbes (I can't wait to find out what the song was):

I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas - Bon Jovi (or maybe just Jon Bon Jovi)
Run Rudolph Run - Dave Edmunds
Rock And Roll Christmas - George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Christmas Time - Bryan Adams
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The Drifters?
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fructose -- ha -- that Elton John song just came on the XM channel. It's kind of the same tempo, I suspect.

Maybe it was the voices in my head singing to me! I just hope I recognize it again! (lightens up on the eggnog)
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I really have no idea if this is what you heard or not, but since nobody's mentioned it yet, was it Thanks for Christmas by XTC (under the name The Three Wise Men) by any chance? I have heard that playing in stores before.
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