Findiing toy stores, typewriters in Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles shopping filter: Is there a big toy store like FAO Schwartz in LA? Also where can I buy a working mechanical typewriter?

I'm looking to buy some last minute Christmas gifts. Any info on giant toy stores or anywhere I might find a typewriter for cheap, perhaps a multi-vendor antique market or store. Or a giant pawn Los Angeles
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The Vermont Country Store sells electric typewriters mail order for $99
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The Pasadena Antique Center is amazing. "More antiques than you can shake a stick at!"

While you're in Pasadena, you can stop by Vroman's to check out the toy section -- it's primarily a bookstore, but their toy selection is quite good -- and the Dinosaur Farm in South Pasadena. (They're not quite FAO Schwartz, but I don't know if anything is, these days.)
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Starting from when I was a teenager... my all time, until the day I die, favorite place to buy toys and silly junk will always be Wacko/Soap Plant. It will blow your freaking mind.
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BTW, there's also a Mattel Toy Store in El Segundo, where Mattel is. I haven't been to it since I worked for the company a million years ago so I'm not sure what it's like nowadays though.
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Puzzle Zoo in Santa Monica carries an interesting selection of toys and games, as well as some collectible figures. Gets crowded fast, though. Tom's Toys in Beverly Hills and in Montrose (just north of Glendale) is a terrific toy store with a great selection of Playmobil and Bruder trucks. The Montrose location on on the wonderful Honolulu shopping street- get there early on Saterday for the Farmer's Market and you might even run into an antiques vendor with an old manual typewriter!
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There's a charming place in Brentwood (Sunset and Barrington) called Star Toys. It's not huge, but it has a great selection.
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there is the toy district, although it tends to run towards the down-scale. (think "Robert Cop 3" instead of "Robocop"....)
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Do they have a Freecycle list there? I got two IBM Selectrics from Freecycle not too long ago, plus a box containing more ribbons and correcting tape than I'll ever use in my life (incidentally: if there's anyone in the DC area that needs Selectric ribbons or tape, drop me a note). Those are obviously electric typewriters, but I can imagine that either CL or Freecycle would be good resources for mechanical typewriters too. There are lots of them floating around these days. I'm sure you can find them on eBay, too, but the shipping costs will be prohibitive.

Anyway, you might just want to post a request to your local Freecycle before you go out and buy a new one. Both of the people that I got mine from had been thinking of throwing them away because they didn't think anyone would want them, thus they never offered them to the list. It was only by asking that I found out about them.
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San Marino Toy and Book.

As long as you're in Pasadena, you might try Anderson Business Technology. I've had excellent service from them in the past and, like their website says, "Anderson Business Technology began in 1912 servicing and selling typewriters. Typewriters are our heritage and after 90+ years in the market, we are the experts."

(No affiliation - just old fashioned hometown pride)
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