Selling a Baseball Card Collection
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What's the best way to sell a baseball card collection? [mi]

I have a bunch of baseball cards from the late 80s and early 90s--mostly from packs of cards, but a couple of complete sets as well. They no longer have any sentimental value to me, and I would like to sell them as a single lot. Nearly all of them are sorted by year, brand, and number.

Ideally, I would just take them to a reputable card shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, sell them, and be done with it. Can anyone recommend a shop? Is there another option I should consider? Selling them online doesn't seem to be a good approach, since none of the cards are sealed or professionally graded. Also, if any of you have done something like this, do you have other pointers?
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I sold my Magic card collection (I know, I know) back in the day.

Most helpful thing was to pull out the valuable cards from the set so that they could see those, and then force them to take all the crappy common cards off my hands as part of the deal.
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I don't think you're barred from eBay just because you haven't had your collection professionally graded. At the very least, scan existing and past auctions so you can see what the market is like for your collection.
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