Blooming tea in NYC?
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Where to buy blooming tea bags in Manhattan?

I'm searching for "blooming tea" (like this, but doesn't have to be that brand.) Does anyone know where I could obtain it locally in Manhattan? I was thinking perhaps Chinatown, but if anyone had a more specific location, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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I should further add, I want to buy the tea bags to give as a gift, not to consume in the store.
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Ten Ren's Tea on Mott St. between Canal and Bayard (in chinatown) has jasmine tea that does that and tastes absolutely delicious. Be sure to look for the tea store, not just Ten Ren's Tea Cafe.
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On closer inspection, I am not positive they have the kind where additional flowers are inside, but that store is definitely where I would check first, as they have the large flowering jasmine balls and about a thousand other varieties of tea.
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I'm sure you can find it in Chinatown, and I feel like I've seen them at Ten Ren as well, but I'm a bit fuzzy on that at the moment. However, one place I do know for sure is Tavalon Tea near Union Square. They usually have a variety of their teas available in-store and I know you said locally, but if they happen to be sold out at the physical location, they have their wares available online. Staff's nice, and if you happen to catch the tea sommelier when he's in, he's real knowledgeable and can probably help you out if it's not what you're looking for.
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I think Pearl River Mart has blooming tea too. Canal and Broadway or thereabouts.
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Thanks everyone; this definitely gives me some pointers to start my search!
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They also have them at Subtle Tea on Madison at 30th. I was in last week and one of the guys there was brewing a pot of it and it was delicious!
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Definitely try Ten Ren, and also Kalustyans on 3rd Ave. around 28th St. (up at the counter but they have more tea upstairs).
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I bought mine at Teabox in Takashimaya. (5th b/t E54 and E55)
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