Mailing from NYC to Seoul
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Mailing, from NYC to Seoul, a padded envelope (papers and a slim CD case) with no commercial value. What's my cheapest option if I want it there within a few weeks? (Mailing on Monday 31 Dec and want it to arrive by Monday 21 Jan.)
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Postal rate calculator.
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First Class International is probably your best bet. It looks to cost about $9 to ship something under a pound to Seoul. Although they don't have an ETA, I ship internationally quite a bit and find that First Class International doesn't take any longer than International Priority - so it would probably take about a week.
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The USPS got rid of many of their esoteric options in the recent rate change. Like they used to have "Economy Parcel Post" which was a slow cheap surface option, but it was too slow and had unreliable delivery, so they got rid of it.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Does anybody have experience with mailing to South Korea in terms of whether the mailing companies' estimates are reliable? I'm asking because intl delivery times aren't always as claimed in my experience (not just w/ USPS) and I haven't mailed anything to S. Korea before.
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NYC and Seoul are not very hard to get things from/to. I've sent a couple letters that way and they don't take much more than a week (international first class).
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I've found the mailing companies' estimates quite reliable. Actually in my experience U.S. -> Seoul is pretty fast, within a week for international first class, but Seoul -> U.S. is a crapshoot, taking at least a week, closer to 2 weeks (3 weeks not unheard of) for air mail.
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