Any idea of how gmail beta invites are doled out?
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I mentioned this in interrobang's big "Who wants a gmail account" thread, but got no response. Does anyone have any thoughts on, or knowledge of, the criteria google is using to select which users receive referrals? After around a week of pretty heavy use I received three (which I gave to family) significantly before friends who had had accounts for much longer, but who had used theirs' less.
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I had mine for 4 days, never used it and got 3 invations to send out.
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I'm thinking it's somewhat random. I had mine for less than 24 hours before I got three invites (some of which I paid forward, btw). A friend had an account for quite a few days before I got mine and he still hasn't received any invitations to send out.
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I registered yesterday and as of yet, do not have any invites to pay forward. When they show up I'll post in the "wants gmail thread" Thanks again, lnicole for trying to send me an invite the other day, sorry my email collapsed right when it did. Luckily mefi is as such that many people are trying to help, so it all worked out happily in the end.

On a side note: It does seem that people are finding the thread despite its location in the archives. It seems that people should keep referring to it in other threads when gmail gets a mention in order to keep it rolling (not as a cult thread, but as a thread with a purpose.)
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i'm so happy you finally got one, elwood! i felt bad when i couldn't reach you, but i'm glad it all worked out
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I'm mystified. I've had mine for a few weeks and have gotten I think eight invites to send to people, maybe nine. Once it was one, then it was two at once, then this last Thursday there were six. I don't check it that often but I don't think they've been building up.
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I had 3 invites waiting the first time i signed in to Gmail, two days ago. (I've had Blogger for like two years and never got an invite, even for myself, there.)
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i got 2 invites after a week or so, then just recently 3 more...all given out--i think it may be random, or related to blogger or google usage or something?
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or not : >
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Earlier this week, (Wednesday, I think,) Google gave all accounts at least three invites, and there's reason to think that all new accounts now get invites after a couple days. They may cease that practice, though.
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And to think just 10 days ago they were worth 200 smackeroos.
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If anyone has a spare invite I'd be forever greatfull :-)
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Or even grateful. Never was much good at spelling.
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Who here doesn't think Google is following the social networks people are revealing as they pass out invites?

This is just Orkut v.2
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I would kill for one! (*hint hint*).

I am willing to send whomever passes one on to me a package of random stuff.

Better yet - my band is going to be putting out a CD this summer, and I will include YOUR name in the liner notes!

Either way - PLEASEEE!!!!

My email is on my user page!

Also: when is Google going to offer these to everyone?
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I would kill for one! (*hint hint*).

The name of your target has been sent to you in e-mail. Upon receiving proof of his demise, your Gmail invitation will be dispatched immediately. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds.
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if anyone has any invites to spare, I'd love one also! :-)
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Anyone have the F***p*** love to share?
posted by Vidiot at 5:12 PM on June 13, 2004

If you invite me to Gmail, I'll invite you to Orkut!
posted by Stoatfarm at 5:13 PM on June 13, 2004

Can anybody get me OUT of Orkut?
posted by wendell at 5:58 PM on June 13, 2004

It does seem as if Google is spreading this socially. My gmail swap worked, and I got invites after sending about 5 emails. Yup, I'm paying it forward.
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I still don't have one. Please? Pretty please?
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I'd love to get one, too, and I'd be eternally grateful ;->
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I would kill for one! (*hint hint*).

You might want to check out this AskMe thread, Quartermass...should anyone take you up on your offer ;)
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I am also interested in a gmail account, and would pay forward any subsequent invites to fellow mefites. (e-mail address in profile)
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Sometimes, I wonder if Google isn't some sekrit Six Degrees project with a search engine on the side. I mean, the astronomical prices invites were fetching on eBay and the subsequent loosening of invitations can't be coincidental.

But I don't think it has anything to do with use. I got invites like a day after I opened mine.
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*gets on knees for gmail account*
posted by sgt.serenity at 4:48 AM on June 14, 2004

Well, I'm dying to pay it forward, but I've had an account for two days now with no invites. Oh well.
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*does backflip, balances chair on end of nose and juggles 5 chainsaws for gmail account*

When are they just going to open the gmail up? It feels like its been open ages. If anyone has a spare invite left, my address is in my profile. Since no one else I know has even heard of gmail, the only people I'd invite would be MeFites.

I can't really juggle chainsaws, or do a backflip, or balance a chair on the end of my nose.....
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It's actually only been a couple of months since they opened it into proper beta. Untie those panties, people.

I got a couple after about a week, and then got three more last week. (They have all been paid forward, but I'm running out of friends who'd care about it, so I can hook some of you up come the next wave.) So in my experience, about once a month they'll spit out some invites at you. It's probably random, but there you go.

It is a little orkutish, true, but hey, these things are all just interactive toys, right?
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Hey, I have more invites! Email me.
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I've been gmail-ified. Thanks MeFi -- and 1 MeFite in particular ;) -- what a nice surprise to give to a virtual stranger!
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