How can I match the sound qualities of Quicktime and Itunes?
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How can I match the sound quality of Quicktime and Itunes?

I would like all my sound tools on my Mac to match. For some reason, the sound quality seems better when I hear a song on Quicktime, or a website, when I compare it to ITunes. Since I am running them through the same system, this doesn't make any sense to me. Any suggestions?
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Have you checked the iTunes equalizer? It's possible that you've got that enabled and that's giving you a different-sounding output than what you're hearing elsewhere.
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Response by poster: I disabled the presets I have, and I still have the same problem. There is a noticeable drop in volume - its as if the Itunes player sound is muted.
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Do you have Sound Check enabled..? That lowers volumes to try to make them consistent.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that seemed to give it a little boost. It was actually turned off, and I checked the box a little while ago to see if it would make a difference--when I unchecked it, it brought the boost. It still doesnt quite match Quicktime. Does quicktime have any presets I can match?
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Best answer: With Sound Check and Sound Enhancer off, iTunes seems to sound the same as Quicktime on my Mac, so I'm not sure what else it could be. Have you checked the A/V Controls in Quicktime to see if you've boosted bass/treble at some point?
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Response by poster: Hmmm....that may the answer. The volume is set as high as it can go, while the rest of the setting are exactly in the middle.
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Response by poster: I've marked yours as the best answer. This was driving me crazy - I would never have looked there without the prompt. Thanx!!!
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