Just when I get the password, I can't get to the site.
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I cannot connect to one specific website.

It’s obviously an issue with something I did, but I have no idea how to fix it. This is rather embarrassing, as the site in question Kardasi.com hosts explicit fanfiction. It’s normally password protected. Here’s where it gets complicated.

The site hosts various explicit (PW protected) pages of Harry Potter fanfic. You get the password by joining a Yahoo Group. I could get to the main HP fic page before I acquired the password, but couldn’t access any of the (first wave, etc.) stories without the password. Once I joined the specified Yahoo group and got the PW, I couldn’t access the site.

I initially thought this was a coincidence. But I’ve been trying for 3 days and it always times out. I’ve tried on Firefox 2,0 and the latest SP2 IE tabbed browser (I can’t figure out where to find the version #) and neither work.

Tonight I checked the main page (kardasi) at a friend’s with Firefox (at least 2.0 if not earlier) and it worked fine at my friend’s place. Same ISP. So I tried system restore to Before The Password (when it worked) and nothing. I also uninstalled my virus software (AVG Free) because it was constantly calling for a reboot. That didn’t help either. I’m at a loss. This page works at my friend’s house. It worked before I joined the Yahoo group for it (a strange coincidence).

Sorry so long and repetitive, but I thought it would help to know what I’ve tried, etc. Reading Fanfic isn’t that important, but now it’s the principle of the thing.
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If you haven't cleared your cache and cookies try that. Can you access it through a proxy (like anonymouse.org, frex)?
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Response by poster: Hmmm, I haven't tried either of those things. Will do that.
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What specifically do you mean by "can't access"? What is the behavior you're seeing? Is there an error message? 404 error? I find IE will usually block server error messages and replace them with a generic server error page. If you see that you can try using Opera, which won't block the message. You might be able to get some better debugging info from that if it's a server error.

Also, did you try logging in using the new password at your friend's house? Or just the main page? I suspect it's possible a cookie or variable related to that password could be causing an error.
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Response by poster: In i.e. it’s a simple “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Same in Firefox: “The connection has timed out. The server at www.kardasi.com is taking too long to respond.”

I’ve cleared the cache in both IE and Firefox. It did not help.

At my friend’s place I just went to the main page, I didn’t try logging in with the password. But I can’t even get to the main page at home.

I can access it with a proxy (tried anonymous), but for whatever reason I don’t get the option to enter a password via proxy, so I just get a 401 authorization error page.
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Response by poster: Ah, the proxy was stripping the scripts for the password. I tried it again and can access everything now via proxy. Perhaps I'll just stick to that for now...
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